Terrorists shot famous Syrian scholar dead in Idlib for different take on namaz prayers (PHOTO)

Terrorists shot famous Syrian scholar dead in Idlib for different take on namaz prayers (PHOTO) | Русская весна

In Syrian reservation of armed islamists which is Idlib province there’s no day witout a murder or bloody clashes. 

This is reported by Syrian «opposition» media.

Some unknown islamists shot dead a respectful scholar and kadi (Muslim judge) Shaykh Ibrah

im al-Saleh when he was leaving morning namaz prayer in his village Talaada in Idlib province. The deceaced was a member of «Muslim organization» of Idlib, «Enab-baladi» reports.

It is reported that the deceased was at variance with Wahabiites as for certain religious practices for instance concerning Ramadan worship services.  

Shaykh Ibrahim al-Saleh is said to be a good judge and scholar, he has worked in Aleppo before. 

Saleh did not agree with some Idlib armed groups concerning praising Prophet Mohammed.

«It is rare day in Idlib when noone is killed», — underlines «oppositional» media.

«The last two years are marked for Idlib province with numerous assaults and murders connected with varius armed groups’ activity  which fight on various directions», — it says.

This particular murder was commented on by Muslim scholars from Great Britain:

«The Syrian Scholar, an Imam for 33 years, was martyred this morning by Najdi Extremists because he used to recite Salawat (Praise & Blessings) upon Prophet Muhammad after the call to prayer».

«Please explain how can ISIS or these Extremists (Idlib is controlles by «Jabhat an-Nusra»*, «Ahrar ash-Sham» and other IAG, – RS) call themselves Muslims when they kill Muslims for sending praise and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)?

This clearly shows and demonstrates that these people are NOT Muslims, they DO NOT represent #Islam, they OUTSIDE the folds of Islam and are the biggest enemies of Islam.

British Muslim Scholars condemn the actions of these vile people who are killing innocent people around the world.

In Russian: В Идлибе боевики расстреляли уважаемого исламского богослова из-за разных взглядов на молитвы (ФОТО)

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation 

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