The truth and the lie about Kurdish-American relations in Syria

The truth and the lie about Kurdish-American relations in Syria | Русская весна

Some time ago a number or Syrian Kurds' web sites announced a political-military cooperaton agreement allegedly concluded between the United States of America and self-defence military units of Syrian Kurdistan (mostly known as YPG).

According to news reports the agreemet came in force July 15, 2017. Under the terms of the agreement the USA and YPG are supposedly declared partners and allies in fighting terrorism and the USA take obligations to recognize the autonomy of Syrian Kurdistan, to contribute to Kurdish armed forces buildup, to lend aid in the form of armaments and military equipment, they also promise not to allow an aggression against Kurdistan from contiguous lands.

In its turn YPG take obligations to provide security for Americal military bases in Kurds-controlled territories and to continue supporting the so called «Syrian democratic forces» which are storming ISIS*-held Raqqa supported by US aviation and special forces. 

However this turned out to be a hoax. Washington did not react in any manner because the information did not reach mainsream media. 

Just when YPG-related published the false news there was Aspen Security Foum being held in Colorado. One of the speakers was CIA director Michael Pompeo. Speaking on Middle East he noted that «Kurdish issue»  was too complicated for America to speak about any alliances. Pompeo traditionally recognized importance of Kurdish military units in anti-ISIS fight  and Kurdish factor in Syrian reconciliation, he also made an expected point on strategic character of American-Turkish relations while in Turkey atonomous Syrian Kurdistan is considered to be terrorism crib. 

Stuart Jones acting as US Secretary os Sate assistant on Middle East said at the same conference the the US were not going to support any Kurdish movement or party. Gen. Raymond Thomas, commander of United States Special Operations Command at US Department of Defense has overtly announced that any relations between YPG and «Kurdistan Workers' Party» contradict interests of American troops deployed in Syria to fight ISIS. 

General recommended Syrian Kurdistan self-defense units to abandon any alliance with KWP as this «creates a lot of problems. Those problem are obvious if we look at the map — several thousand strong Turkish forces groupping on the border of Nothern Syria and units of the so called Free Syrian Army are ready to support Turkish invasion. 

However breakup between YPG and KWP which is recognized as terrorist group in Turkey is unlikely as this alliance remains a guarantee of power and survival of «Democratic union» party — political movement YPG units look up to.

DU leader Saleh Muslim has already announced that if «Western friend» does not guarrantee his party a shield from the Turkish then he is ready to lead Syrian Kurdistan back under Damascus canopy. However it is clearly not what Saleh Muslim wants. Because judging from how his party's supporters mopped up the opponents from Kurdish and Arab parties in Syrian Haseke province DU and YPG leaders and commanders are not ready to share the power. 

That is why it seems that Syrian Kurds' leaders are trying to provoke Washington to make any clear-cut announcements in Kurds' favour. Because it is about mandate of trust from people. Looking at carte-blance given to Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum by American authorities the autonomists in Syriam Kurdistan want to persuade people and worls community of their solid footing. That is how Saleh Muslim's announcements explained as well as Kurdish web sites' hoaxes about some «Kurdish-American agreement».

However as it was voiced by several experts before — United States ate interested in multi-sided conflicts in the region. Turkish was against KWP, war between opposition and Damascus, glimmering fire of civil conflict in Iraqi Kurdistan which could flash just after the referendum — all of these turn Middle East into hotbed of unrest and justify American presence. Only chance to escape the war for the Syrian Kurds is return sovereignity to Syrian state borders. 

Note: July 29 YPG Sipan Hemo announced that «Self-defense units» could withdraw from «Syrian democratic forces» due to necessity to protect borders of Syrian Kurdistan amidst rising oppression of pro-Turkish SSA units.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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