The Americans got into a stalemate in the southeast of Syria

The Americans got into a stalemate in the southeast of Syria | Русская весна

Kurdish military units would not be happy to receive the defeated American combatants as the Kurds’ leaders do not approve of Washington’s policy. 

As it was previously reported by the Iraqi militia Hashd al-Shaabi, the Airborn unit of General Suheil’s division unexpectedly landed in the rear of the enemy. Hashd al-Shaabi units support the Syrian government in the war.

During the previous 24 hours the joint forces of Iranian Shiites, militants of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and special ops units of Bashar Asad’s army managed to wipe out terrorists’ several observation points, to seize a wagon loaded with arms and psychotropic substances which had been moving towards Abu Kamal. 

According to Abu Ali al-Muhandis, one of the leaders of the Shiite forces, intelligence officers of Suheil’s division detected American instructors who were sitting in a pickup near the ISIS terrorists’ positions. They were driving at a high speed towards the Kurdish units’ positions.

At first sight, this episode may seem to be insignificant. But it is an illustrative example of another prudent decision of Bashar Asad’s Forces Command.

For example, the landing operation of the Syrian Forces to the rear of the enemy allows not only to liberate another settlement and to restore the southeast borders of Syria, but also to block realization of the US plans to create a no-fly neutral zone guarded by Americans in this region. 

Last Tuesday the Commander of the Special Forces Army Major General James B. Jarrard, the head of the US-led Special Ops task force, announced that there are 4000 US militants in the territory of Syria. Strange as it may seem, this information contradicts the data provided by President Trump. Previously he mentioned just 400 American soldiers and officers in the Arab Republic. 

If American combatants may not be given a warm welcome by Kurdish units as their leaders are not very happy with the political decisions of Washington. The Kurds do not approve of the speech the American delegation in Astana and of the Pentagon’s and the White House’s ambiguous reaction to the Iraqi Government Forces in the north of the country. During this operation the Kurdish Forces were beaten near the city of Kiruk.

Within the framework of Astana Syria peace talks the US representatives claimed that they welcome the existing administrative and territorial division of Syria and they don’t think Kurdistan should become a part of the Arab Republic.

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