What is it behind the messages on aggravation of situation in Idlib deescalation zone

What is it behind the messages on aggravation of situation in Idlib deescalation zone  | Русская весна

What is it behind the messages on aggravation of situation in Idlib deescalation zone . Militants' groups «revival» has its own certain explanations. 

There is quite a situation in Idlib deescalation zone. 

About 40 thousand militants belonging to various groups are concentrated here. A significant part of them are those who were evacuated from other areas of Syria under the reconciliation process.

There is a so-called «pro-Turkish» camp, which includes units participating in the operations of Turkish troops against the Kurds in the north of the country. In Idlib deescalation zone, these groups (primarily «Nuraddin Az-Zinki» and part of «Ahrar Ash-Sham») are united in the «Jebhat Tahrir Surya» coalition (the so called «Syrian Liberation Front», about 8–10 thousand people).

«Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham» («Jabhat An-Nusra»), which is joined by the radical wing of «Akhrar Ash-Sham», «Faylaq Ar-Rahman» and number of other groups (up to 15 thousand fighters), also retains its positions.
Some time ago there were reports about active clashes between the pro-Turkish groups and the allies of «Jabhat An-Nusra».

Allegedly, «Jebhat Tahrir Surya» groups sought to neutralize the terrorists' influence and ensure the possibility of deploying Turkish observation posts along Idlib deescalation zone. There is a reason to believe that the fight was pure slaughter only in the messages of opposition media sources. The fact that Turkish intelligence services have permanent reach of all groups' leaders in Idlib zone is not a secret — any group can go on without permanent supplies and financing.

All the fuss looked like the Turkish' attempt at clamping down on the most stubborn and give the appearance of gangs associated with «Jabhat an-Nusra» withdrawal from deescalation zone borders. The results turned out to be quite different. 

 «Jebhat Tahrir Surya» reclaimed a piece of Idlib for themselves and more or less entrenched along the old Aleppo — Khama highway and main routes leading from Turkey to deescalation zone. At the same time, the most hostile to «Jabhat An-Nusra» detachments from the areas reconciled with the authorities (like «Jaysh Al-Islam») were taken to the north by the Turkish; they were relocated to the so called «Kurdish front». those who have relatively peaceful relations with Nusra were talen to Idlib zone, like «Failak Ar-Rahman».

Abu Muhammad Al-Giulani, Nusra's odious leader departed from Idlib to the Latakia Mountains, where governmental forces' positions are being increasingly fired upon recently, makeshift drones are being launched towards Russian Hmeymim airbase. 

Without him «Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham» seems to have reconciled with its opponents, preserved and even strengthened its positions to the north and southwest of Aleppo city, shelling residential areas of the second Syrian capital.

At the same time, «Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham» stepped out as some kind of a second echelon along the contact line with governmental forces in the remaining sections of deescalation zone perimeter. Not quite near the Turkish checkpoints but not very far from them.

«Hurras Ad-Din» which was established by «Al-Qaeda» supporters, moved from the Turkish border to strategic positions at the crossroads of Maaret An-Noaman, Khan-Sheikhoun and Jisr Ash-Shugur routes. They cooperate here with foreign mercenaries from «Nusrat Al-Islam», a recently established group led by notorious Saudi Sheikh Abdallah Al-Muhaysini, who once acted as an intermediary between «Al-Qaeda», «Jabhat an-Nusra», ISIS* and «Free Syrian army» at the same time. It was this group that blocked the Shia villages of Fuaa and Kefraa, and now it is being moved closer to the front line.

Soldiers of ideological front are calling for Jihad «Hizb Al-Islami At-Turkistani», «Faylaq Ar-Rahman», «Free Syrian Army» and «Jebhat Al-Watani Lee Tahrir» which are dislocated from Latakia mountains till Hama's north (these are number of «SSA» groups merged with the radical formations of «Jayish Idlib Al-Hurr» and «Sukur Ash-Sham»).

It is to be nohted that there aren't any serious feud and clashes between various groups though their relations are far from ideal. Although attempts on militants and massacre of certain ISIS «sleeping cells» occur regularly, there is no confrontation between terrorists and the opposition in Idlib zone. Militants open fire on loyal to the government towns of northern Hama, Aleppo quarters and governmental checkpoints in the mountains of Latakia together.

Establishing of Turkish checkoints has not changed this situation in any way. Neither Turks nor the groups controlled by them did not even start eliminating «Jabhat An-Nusra» and other terrorist groups. At the same time, the radicals themselves could be interested in destabilizing the situation in order to make the feathers fly between the Turks (as they guarantee Idlib zone existence), the Syrians and the Russians.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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