Upcoming chimecal provocations in Syria: why do we expect them?

Upcoming chimecal provocations in Syria: why do we expect them? | Русская весна

As previously reported (see British «Telegraf» dated July 23 of this year), British instructors from «Oliva» private military company held a two-week training session at the Turkish-Syrian border with representatives of «civilian self-defense» («White Helmets») and medical institutions from Syrian Idlib province.

The topic of the classes was stated as «preparation for action under conditions of poisonous substances implementation».

It is known that this kind of «preparation» preceded the provocation by the militants and «White Helmets» in Khan-Sheikhun in April, last year.

Now, as part of the humanitarian convoy sent by foreign organizations accredited in Turkey, «experts» prepared for chemical provocations arrived in another Idlib city, Jisr-Ash Shugur. Just like Khan-Sheikhun it islocated at a strategic crossroad.

To the west of Jisr-Ash Shugur there is highway leading to Latakia, through the mountains, to the south there is Al-Gab valley, where significant militant forces are concentrated. Just like in Khan-Sheikhun there are large warehouses of jihadists from the terrorist groups «Hayat Tahrir Ash Sham» (formerly known as «Jabhat An-Nusra») and «Hizb At-Turkestan Al-Islami» in Jisr Al-Shugur.

This makes the city an obvious target for attacks by Syrian aviation in the event of an escalation. The facts that the radicals in Idlib are dealing with this scenario are eloquent: establishing of offensive groups in the following directions: Latakia, Khama and Aleppo, repressions against supporters of political dialogue with the government, more frequent shelling and night attacks on the positions of the Syrian army on the contact line.

The aim of such actions, as well as to those who ordered the aggravation of situation, was indirectly indicated by the «speaker» of «Ahrar Al-Sham» Husam Salama in an interview for militants' media on August 8. Salama's words are published on the website of «Liberation Front of Syria» («Jabhat Li Tahrir Suria»), uniting «Ahrar Ash Sham» and «Nuraddin Az-Zenki».

In particular, Salama claims that peace with «Damascus regime» is impossible, the IAF succedeed to use the de-escalation zone establishing to build up fighting capacity so now they are ready for active combat against governmenalt forces. It is very characteristic how Salama treats Turkey — he said it couldn't prevent militants from fighting against the «regime and the Russians».

Considering that «Ahrar Ash-Sham» and «Liberation Front of Syria» are funded from Saudi Arabia it becomes clear that breaking the de-escalation regime in Idlib and inciting its guarantors — Turkey and Russia — is the order from the West, dissatisfied with Ankara floating off from NATO, as well as Persian Gulf monarchies, dissatisfied with Turkey's ties with organizations like «Muslim Brotherhood».

So of course those who long for unrest in Idlib are dissatisfied with economic honeymoon between Russia and Turkey. The Turkish leadership, meanwhile, turned out to be hostage to its own policy in the Syrian direction. In an effort to create a protectorate in northern Syria, the Turkish positioned themselves as patrons of opposition to secular Damascus on the part of Sunni fundamentalists and supported radical groups as an instrument in the struggle against the Syrian authorities.

It is not easy for Turkey now to distance itself from radicals who seized power in Idlib.

All this suggests that in the nearest future, on the eve of the activation of terrorist groups for the last attempt to disrupt political settlement of Syrian conflict, it is possible for the militants to conduct the another chemical provocations with «White Helmets» starring.

Time to recall that the notorious Khan-Sheikhoun «chemical attack» staged by «Jabhat An-Nusra» preceded the attack of militants on Khama in May 2017. It is likely that even today terrorists' leaders would use charges of using chemical weapons to justify their own attacks.

Syrian media referring to intelligence services have already reported the arrival of trucks carrying toxic substances across the border with Turkey to the territory of Idlib Province. Now, referring to the sources among local residents, the popular news agency «Damascus Now» pointed to the presence of people in chemical protection suits escorting a special cargo in the convoy «White Helmets» arrived to Jisr Al-Shugur with.

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