Special Kind of Hell At US Military Base In Syria: Rukban Camp Is Humanitarian Disaster

Special Kind of Hell At US Military Base In Syria: Rukban Camp Is Humanitarian Disaster | Русская весна

Today, one of the biggest problems concerning ceasefire and helping people in Syria is the situation in the Rukban refugee camp.

The total number of displaced people there is about 30 thousand, 10 thousand of them are insurgents of the US-controlled Jaish Magawir al-Thawra and members of their families.

The lack of certified medical facilities and qualified personnel in the camp has led to a catastrophic health situation. Free medical care is only provided at the UN clinic in Jordan which is extremely difficult to get into since the US-controlled militants charge those who want to leave the camp for some time.

Living conditions in the Rukban camp do not meet the most basic sanitary standards. People live in shabby tents with no running water and electricity. There is no cleaning and garbage collection. The risk of getting infectious diseases increases every day. There is an acute problem of providing the population with drinking water. It mainly comes from the territory of Jordan.

There are only two water points. At the same time, the quality of drinking water is extremely low and requires additional cleaning and boiling. And recently, due to the onset of heat, the camp administration has dramatically reduced the amount of drinking water intake.

The refugees do not have money and «grocery» slavery now exists in the camp. Refugees do not get humanitarian aid provided by international organizations because the insurgents take it and then use it as they want: eat or sell.

According to the official data of the UN representatives, about 95 percent of the people in the camp want to leave the Rukban and would like to do so with the help of the international community and under the control of the UN as they are hostages of armed groups. If the family wants to leave the camp they have to pay one and a half thousand dollars to the insurgents.

The US are fully responsible for the humanitarian crisis and lawlessness in the Rukban. They illegally occupy the area and use the humanitarian problems of refugees to justify the US military presence in southern Syria. The elimination of the 55-kilometer zone around Al-Tanf will help to eliminate the Rukban camp and to solve the humanitarian catastrophe in southern Syria.

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