US releases ISIS terrorists from kurdish prisons to attack the Syrian Army

US releases ISIS terrorists from kurdish prisons to attack the Syrian Army | Русская весна

Attention is drawn to the information coming from sources in Zaevfrati about the involvement of US intelligence agencies of former ISIS* militants held in prisons under the control of the Kurdish administration to participate in sabotage and terrorist activities against the government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The selection is carried out among persons whose families and loved ones are kept in the notorious camp Al-Hawl. According to some reports, to date, about 1,500 people from among the igilov formations captured by the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition have already been deployed through the Al-Tanf zone to the White Desert, or are completing training at American military bases.

The main task of these gangs is to destabilize the situation in the central and southern regions of Syria, including establishing control over the terrain between the cities of Al-Bukamal and Al-Mayadeen in the province of Deir Ez-Zor. They make raids on objects of the oil and gas sector and transport infrastructure at Palmyra and As-Sukhnah, attack the posts and patrols of government troops, undermine the roads.

According to the Americans, the transfer of terrorists will also make it possible to partially unload the Kurdish prisons, the number of prisoners in which after the completion of the operation to eliminate ISIS in the Hajin — Baghuz region reached nine thousand people.

Given the increased activity of the sabotage and terrorist underground in the southern provinces of the Syrian Arab Republic related to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, a general plan to undermine the political settlement process, restoring peaceful life, territorial integrity and state sovereignty of Syria becomes apparent.

* Forbidden in the Russian terrorist organization.

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