Using everyone for their own purposes

Using everyone for their own purposes | Русская весна

ISIS was born in Iraq by the Americans. After the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Libya, so-called cells of terrorist organizations began to appear.

The invasion of Iraq by the United States was justified only by the interests in the oil segment, and it was decided to get rid of the whole country.

Violating all laws and regulations, the states, despite everything and no one, perceiving Iraq as an oil pumping station, destroyed the peace and order of the whole country. A peaceful, prosperous country.

As a result of these actions, an innocent Saddam was hanged, and the whole country was immersed in a civil war — a result that the Americans sought. They quietly began their oil production.

Then there was Libya. In pursuit of «black gold», NATO overthrew Muammar Gaddafi. Libya, a country with huge oil reserves, was one of the top ten oil-producing countries. The quality of oil was characterized by low sulfur content, which increased its sales value.

Having received these two countries, the states did not stop, they decided to continue the «successful plan», and to enslave Syria by the hands of ISIS, to overthrow Assad by fomenting discontent and promoting revolutions.

The same techniques that they have been practicing for a long time in other regions and countries. Having gained control over large territories in Syria, the White House began to implement its plan to deploy its troops on the territory of the country.

The money ISIS* receives from the U.S. for doing its «dirty» work is fantastically small compared to the benefits of owning wells.

After receiving a formal request from Syria for assistance in the fight against terrorism, Russia has stood in the way of spreading terrorist horror throughout the world. Taking full responsibility and understanding the possible consequences of this nightmare, which originated in the U.S., the Russians with dignity solve the problem of eradicating the «creativity» of fantasists from the White House.

* A terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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