Murderous plans of the USA: from Raqqa massacre to Idlib cruel executions (PHOTOS)

Murderous plans of the USA: from Raqqa massacre to Idlib cruel executions (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

Trump asks Assad not to destroy the terrorists in Idlib, whom the United States created, because the United States needs them to destroy Assad.

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should not recklessly attack the province of Idlib. Russians and Iranians would have made a serious humanitarian mistake by taking part in this potential human tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of people can be killed. Don't let that happen! ” reads the tweet.

So it has come to the point when the US openly come out in defense of the terrorist groups in Idlib.

I will divide my comment on this tweet into two parts.

The first part of the commentary is about the USA itself.

The American president talks about human values ?!

Someone else, but America has never been stopped by civilian casualties,

When they were shaken with empty test tubes, as a result, millions of victims, and earlier chemistry was poisoned by the Vietnamese, and even earlier by Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If only once would confess!

Or maybe Yugoslavia and Afghanistan? Although, yes, I remembered! At one time, there was a very similar concern among Americans about a possible humanitarian catastrophe among rebels in Libya. The result is known.

Even if we look at the very, very close history - for Rakka and Mosul who will be responsible?

Mosul, US coalition airstrike 

Mosul and Rakka are US war crimes - let Donald go there and see where their “humanism” is.

Speaking of Raqqa, the Americans bombed it like Dresden in 1945. It is clear that this was the nest of the "igilov" group.


- do not allow humanitarian convoys into the city!

- to refuse humanitarian corridors to the population and to refuse in pauses in military operations at least for hours for the exit of civilians from the combat zone!

- do not clean the streets from dead bodies!

- do not try to restore and adjust the water supply!

In short, bombing and forgetting is the true face of Anglo-Saxon humanitarian value.


It would have been better for America to use all its authority and influence to induce the armed forces of Idlib to voluntary disarmament and to stop the useless and senseless resistance to Assad.

But no! America once again, and as usual, wants to create a process of the country's antipode, so that this pseudo-country called Idlib constantly terrorizes Syria, while feeding Idlib constantly with money and weapons - this is what they did with India, creating Pakistan.

The second part of my commentary is about the Syrian army and Russian AF

Assad, unlike the Americans (the example does not have to go far - Raqqa), never suits the carpet bombing and certainly will not destroy the hospitals and weddings with high precision. And the Russian Aerospace Forces acts, to put it mildly, differently than the Americans, both in terms of costs and results.

Even during the period of the hardest fighting in Aleppo, the VKS and Syrian aviation did not attack the city itself and targets within a radius of 10 km from it.

The Syrian government forces, together with the Russians, organized numerous humanitarian pauses that lasted several days. During these periods, the citizens of the city went out of the combat zone along numerous humanitarian corridors, where they were immediately met and sent to temporary camps, providing them with basic necessities.

This time there is no doubt that the Syrian army (again, unlike the Americans) will approach with full responsibility to avoid unnecessary destruction and accidental casualties.

Donald understands this whithout any doubt. But the goal of his tweet is to somehow stop the attack on the lair of terrorists in Idlib.

Andrey Chervonets 


Once again we recall that for the forces trying to protect Trump in Syrian Idlib. On Monday, September 3, idlib Islamists officially announced that they were going to arrange mass executions of civilians who called for reconciliation with official Damascus.

Prior to this, eyewitnesses photographed a scaffold on one of the main squares of Idlib, and then the group “Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham” (formerly “Jabhat an-Nusra”*, the Syrian branch of “Al-Qaeda”*) released a statement explaining are preparing to execute all supporters of reconciliation with the government of Syria.

According to the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in the UAR, more than 500 kidnapped civilians accused of treason and striving for reconciliation with Damascus are now imprisoned in jihadist prisons. The Islamists themselves, who carried out arrests of people in Idlib, Aleppo and Hama provinces, confirm the hundreds of abductees themselves.

The ringleaders of the gangs intend to hold public mass executions of Syrians as an act of intimidating people on the eve of the attack of the SAR Armed Forces on the “Idlib” de-escalation zone.

It should be emphasized that thousands of militants who recently made a deal with Moscow and Damascus in Eastern Guta, Deraa, Homs, Suweida and Quneitra, and then were deported to Idlib on green buses, are not touched by terrorists, preferring to recoup civilians.

The photo below shpws a scaffold on Idlib Square for executions of civilians and the recent shooting of other militants by HTS fighters.

 * terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

The photo below shows debris of Raqqa

Murderous plans of the USA: from Raqqa massacre to Idlib cruel executions (PHOTOS) | Русская весна
Murderous plans of the USA: from Raqqa massacre to Idlib cruel executions (PHOTOS) | Русская весна
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