West is desperate to save its «sponsored» terrorists at Aleppo

West is desperate to save its «sponsored» terrorists at Aleppo | Русская весна

The West headed by the USA admits Jabhat an-Nusra* as terror organization but goes on doing everything it can not to allow its defeat at Aleppo. 

It becomes clear if we start comparing Western politics’ rhetoric with real actions of their military, advisors and other authorities connected with today’s Syria.

Such policy may seem inconsequential but it has clear explanation: “Jabhat an-Nusra” defeat will make society understand that «moderate opposition» is media and poitical project of the West and it has zero real support among the Syrian armed groups.

That is why American officials took active part in “Jabhat an-Nusra” rebranding and whitewashing attempts. 

Igor Morozov, the Federation Council committee member who has long service record at Russian foreign intelligence agency talks on the subject.

Morozov doubts American politicians’ sincerity pointing out that Washington supports an-Nusra, «covering it with the so called moderate opposition».

Former intelligence officer is sure that «it becomes obvious that the (Syrian) opposition which has been supported by the USA for all these years is basically an-Nusra.

However the Americans’ and their sattelites’ actions do not define situation development in Syria and in the Middle East any more. Moscow has shown that it doesn’t need wide anti-terroristic coalition headed by the USA to fight and defeat ISIS* and an-Nusra.

Syrian miltary campaign showed that Armed Forces of Russian Federation handle it quite well if not disturbed.

Russia has everything necessary for defeating and destroying the terrorists in Syria: military power, full legitimacy and (which is also very important) — support from the side of Israel and Iran. Under this context the dialoque with Turkey is also important. 

Indirect signs allow to say that Russian Armed Forces prepare new massive strikes using water and air cruise missile targeting terrorists’ groups in Aleppo like it was in November 2015.

This is confirmed by the scheduled army exercises starting August 15 in Mediterranean and Caspian seas involving BM ships armed with «Calibers» (areas and participants of the exercises are the same like in 2015).

In the situation like this West’s fitful attempts to save their «pets» will hardly be successful.

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* terror organization prohibited in Russian Federation 

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