Russian humanitarian aid delivered to Debaltsevo

Russian humanitarian aid delivered to Debaltsevo | Русская весна

Russia’s humanitarian aid has reached the town of Debaltsevo in eastern Ukraine, a spokesman for the recovery management center of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) reported on Friday.

"First trucks with humanitarian cargoes brought by the Russian emergencies ministry’s convoy have arrived in Debaltsevo. The trucks are now being unloaded," the spokesman said, adding that the humanitarian cargoes included foodstuffs so badly needed by Debaltsevo’s residents.

Russia’s humanitarian aid was also delivered in the settlement of Chernukhino in the Lugansk region. Thirty trucks of the Russian Emergencies Ministry on Friday delivered more than 200 tons of humanitarian aid, primarily food products and baby foods, to Donetsk and Lghansk. The trucks have already returned to Russia’s southern Rostov region.

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