29.06.2017 - 1:26   
Kiev forces tortured Lugansk Republic soldiers to death (VERY GRAPHIC) | Русская весна

The torture of prisoners of war is blemish on the record of the international community and the United Nations.

25.06.2017 - 13:14   
Donetsk People’s Republic to open embassy in France | Русская весна

The embassy will help provide local supporters with information and cultural exchange from Donetsk as well as Lugansk.

17.06.2017 - 13:14   
Calm Before the Storm? What Awaits Donbass Once Kiev's 'Special Operation' Ends | Русская весна

Something's stirring up in Kiev.

18.03.2017 - 12:05   
LPR Head Plotnitsky: Donbass still plans to join Russia | Русская весна

In Plotnitsky’s words: “If such a referendum will be held, and it of course will be, then the results will be just like in Crimea.”

18.02.2017 - 10:22   
Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky promise aid to Kiev-occupied Donbass (VIDEO) | Русская весна

DPR territories occupied by Ykraine are on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe.

26.01.2017 - 13:41   
War Crime in Broad Daylight: UAF Purposefully Fired ATGM at Civilian Car (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Русская весна

One civilian got burnt alive, his wife and daughter are badly injured.

22.12.2016 - 10:49   
Kiev failed all Minsk-2 obligations for 2016 | Русская весна

It seems that strange peace agreement will be extended to 2017.

19.12.2016 - 13:13   
Sudden Ukrainian offensive in Lugansk ends in heavy losses, retreat (VIDEO, MAP) | Русская весна

Ukrainian armed fores suffer heavy losses. The attack was presumably being led by neo-Nazi volunteer battalions.

25.10.2016 - 13:30   
Lugansk Resident Identified Her Son From Remains in Mass Grave of Ukrainian Nazi's victims (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

Heads covered with cello-tape & executed: details on mass slaughter of Lugansk Republic residents by Ukrainian Nazis.

20.10.2016 - 19:49   
Mass grave of civilians killed by Ukrainian Nazi found in Donbass (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Horrible discovery was reported by Security Ministry of Lugansk People's Republic.

18.06.2016 - 12:30   
Italian TV channel tells truth about Ukrainian crisis and Donbass war (VIDEO) | Русская весна

It is rare case when the Western reporters give the floor to Donbass people and let them speak of their experience instead of repeating russophobic clichesю

05.03.2016 - 2:36   

Famous Ukrainian politician, former MP Oleg Tsaryov talks on Kiev's regime illegitmacy.

18.10.2015 - 7:03   
Plotnitsky: "Final and unconditional surrender awaits Ukraine" | Русская весна

Head of Lugansk Republic on integration wih Russia, Russian passports for Lugansk people and realities of everyday life in the young state.

22.06.2015 - 13:17   
BREAKING: Ukrainian Defense Ministry official joins DPR (UPD VIDEO ENG SUBS) | Русская весна

Since Kiev launched the military operation in the southeast of the country hundreds of soldiers and officers had joined the armed forces of Donetsk republic

21.06.2015 - 23:12   
Ukrainian Right Sector demands Kiev resume offensive in Donbass | Русская весна

The Right Sector nationalist organization will demand from the Ukrainian government to resume offensive in Donbass at an upcoming rally in Kiev on July 3

21.06.2015 - 22:08   
Kiev deploying Grad rocket launchers along frontline | Русская весна

Kiev-led forces deployed two BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher systems near the southern-eastern border of Novotroitskoye, DPR military spokesman Eduard Basurin said

18.06.2015 - 21:07   
Another Ukrainian offiial defected to Lugansk Repuplic | Русская весна

I could not be a part of this any more - Oleg Chernousov

15.06.2015 - 17:59   
Two Kiev officials defect to fight for Lugansk | Русская весна

Two brothers, one of them for the foreign intelligence service, and the other for the Foreign Ministry, held a press conference in Lugansk on Monday after switching sides to fight for the fledgling Lugansk People's Republic

14.06.2015 - 23:18   
Militia claim ceasefire in Lugansk republic violated 4 times over 24 hours | Русская весна

No casualties have been reported so far

14.06.2015 - 13:12   
Woman killed in Kiev forces’ shelling in Lugansk republic | Русская весна

According to preliminary information, shelling was carried out with the use of mortars

13.06.2015 - 3:08   
Kiev politician proposes depriving citizenship to Russia sympathizers | Русская весна

The leader of Ukraine’s nationalist Radical Party, Oleh Lyashko, has submitted a bill aiming to deprive "supporters of the Russian world" of Ukrainian citizenship

12.06.2015 - 6:47   
Poroshenko says Donbas to remain under economic blockade until Ukraine regains control over border with Russia | Русская весна

Self-proclaimed "President of Peace" leaves thousands in food and medicine shortage.

09.06.2015 - 4:52   
Opposition accuses Kiev of trying to cut Donbass off from Ukraine | Русская весна

The opposition party refers to the government's intention to dismiss from his post the head of the Donetsk military and civil administration who favored economic integration of the two parts of Donbass

05.06.2015 - 7:35   
Obama Doesn't Want to Spend More Money on Ukraine - Israeli Publicist | Русская весна

Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin said that Obama doesn't want to spend more money on Ukraine despite the US Senate's pressure on him. May it mean that lethal weapons delivery to the country is unlikely?

04.06.2015 - 12:49   
Dysfunctional Ukrainian Military | Русская весна

Stephen Lendman for on Ukrainian army organization and motivation

04.06.2015 - 6:06   
Maryinka strike may be a deceptive maneuver before attack on Lugansk Republic | Русская весна

More provocations are awaited in Lugansk, it is not mere a chance that water supply was cut exactly today — Basurin

02.06.2015 - 1:37   
What we owe to Commander Alexey Mozgovoy | Русская весна

Remembering prominent Donbass uprise leader

01.06.2015 - 22:50   
Kiev armed forces shell Lugansk Republic 7 times over 24 hours, militiaman wounded | Русская весна

The Kiev military mostly used grenade launchers, 82-mm mortars and small arms, the LPR militia spokesman said

01.06.2015 - 20:38   
Militia claim Ukrainian soldiers laying mines near Stanitsa Luganskaya | Русская весна

It's being done to prevent people from leaving or entering the village using bypass routes

01.06.2015 - 14:46   
Donetsk Republic: Mercenaries from US, Poland, Georgia fighting for Kiev forces | Русская весна

Due to poor psychological condition of Ukraine’s servicemen, the Ukrainian leadership is making the main emphasis on foreign private military companies

01.06.2015 - 14:29   
Donetsk republic: 150 mortar shells fired at Shirokino over 24 hours | Русская весна

The defense ministry of Donetsk republic said the Ukrainian forces over the past 24 hours opened fire at the territory of the self-proclaimed republic 28 times

31.05.2015 - 6:13   
Lavrov: peaceful civilians in Donbass die exclusively in Ukrainian army attacks | Русская весна

I have never heard Ukraine's authorities report the death of peaceful civilians in territories adjacent to the militia-controlled areas, Lavrov says

31.05.2015 - 4:29   
Shutting down of Novorossiya? | Русская весна

Vladimir Suchan, publicist, on Novorossiya project and on the meaning of the murder of Alexey Mozgovoy

29.05.2015 - 5:38   
DPR: Kiev’s heavy weapons registered at Donetsk near contact line | Русская весна

Military intelligence registered launches of Ukrainian multiple rocket systems on Kiev-controlled territories

28.05.2015 - 19:25   
Anoter Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrives in Donetsk and Luhansk Republics | Русская весна

More than 1,000 tons of humanitarian aid has already been delivered to the war-torn region

28.05.2015 - 18:17   
Ukraine: interior minister calls for full blockade of Donbass | Русская весна

Let them get everything from Russia, let's close the contact line completely - Arsen Avakov says

25.05.2015 - 13:15   
Ukraine signs decree allowing human rights disregard in Donbas after all | Русская весна

Ukraine parliament speaker signs decree allowing legally ignore human rights observation in Donbass war zone

25.05.2015 - 4:52   
Water mains near Lugansk shelled and damaged - 500,000 people without water | Русская весна

Repairs of damaged water mains near Lugansk to take up to two days

25.05.2015 - 4:33   
Ukrainian troops deploy 1,000 artillery units and 60% of manpower in Donbass - DPR defence ministry | Русская весна

The DPR’s Defense Ministry emphasized that the re-deployment of military hardware and Ukrainian army personnel to the disengagement line is evidence that Ukraine is building up its offensive group

24.05.2015 - 1:38   
Video from the assassination place of Mozgovoy (18+) | Русская весна

Three videos and photos from assassinaion scene

24.05.2015 - 0:52   
BREAKING: Lugansk Militia Leader Alexey Mozgovoi Assassinated | Русская весна

Prominent militia leader Mozgovoi was assassinated on Saturday evening after the vehicle he was traveling in ran into an ambush

21.05.2015 - 13:29   
Another Russian convoy delivers humanitarian aid to Donbass | Русская весна

It is the 27th relief aid convoy since the beginning of Russia's humanitarian operation

18.05.2015 - 5:03   
LPR is skeptical about US’ joining talks on settlement in Donbass - LPR envoy | Русская весна

To involve an instigator of turmoil in the settlement process is like placing a bear in command of a bee-garden," Vladislav Deinego told

18.05.2015 - 4:38   
Moscow plans to discuss efforts towards dialogue between Kiev and Donbass with Nuland | Русская весна

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Russian diplomats to discuss with the visiting US Assistant Secretary of State the Russian-US relations and the situation in Ukraine

18.05.2015 - 4:22   
DPR Defence Ministry: Kiev continues transport blockade of Donbass | Русская весна

The only three unblocked desitinations are Elenovka, Gorlovka and Kurakhovo

16.05.2015 - 14:41   
Ukrainian crisis news - video digest | Русская весна

Daily overview of the main events

16.05.2015 - 10:27   
Kiev’s military operation inflicted $100 mln damage on Donetsk region — DPR ombudsman | Русская весна

The cities of Donetsk and Makeyevka have suffered most, with 6,066 and 1,016 facilities, respectively, either damaged or destroyed, according to the DPR's ombudsman report