Obama Doesn't Want to Spend More Money on Ukraine - Israeli Publicist

Obama Doesn't Want to Spend More Money on Ukraine - Israeli Publicist | Русская весна

On the theme of Obama, I think we should point out here that he seems to be unhappy with the Senate Committee bill which provides military aid to Ukraine. If we look at sums about 300 million dollars. Avigdor, doesn’t it have anything to do with the fact that McCain was in charge of this build you think or any comments about that?

Avigdor Eskin: Well these two characters McCain and Obama are as much in favor of each as Obama and Netanyahu. So this is something which plays certain role.

Obama wants to see that he will not have to spend much more money on Ukraine, because after New York Times articles, after different European articles on the corruption in Ukraine, on the cruelty of Ukrainian army.

It becomes more and more in trend to write about the things which were sometimes hidden before by the Western public.

Today they are more and more discussed and Obama realizes that the future of American-Ukrainian relations will be much dependent upon the understanding of the Ukrainian side that they will have to live in peace with Russia and with all of their own Russian population.

That's the understanding which is coming to American administration very slowly but despite this fact we know that there heavy fighting now going on and well… we are not sure that this is what Obama really wants. Now we're not sure that this is not the kind of situation like Georgia's.

Remember when President Saakashvili actually attacked Russian peace keeping force positions after speaking to Condoleezza Rice, who definitely have told him: ‘don't do anything like that’, but he wanted to drag in the Americans, to drag in others, hoping that his pioneer approach to the whole issue will flourish – and you know, not necessary that these policies of Ukraine today already arouse some skepticism in Washington and involves Saakashvilli himself which is a joke because he's wanted in Georgia, at home for quite severe crimes.

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