Lugansk Resident Identified Her Son From Remains in Mass Grave of Ukrainian Nazi's victims (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+)

Lugansk Resident Identified Her Son From Remains in Mass Grave of Ukrainian Nazi's victims (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

A resident of the urban village Uspenka in the Lutugino district Tatiana Salamatina identified the remains of her son by the fragments of clothing and footwear found in the discovered burial site of victims of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions near the village. This was reported by a press-service of the Ministry of State Security of the LPR.

«During the inspection of the scene by experts, a damaged fragment of a certificate with the name of resident of the village Uspenka named Salamatin Evgeny Nikolaevich, born on 23rd July, 1991, was discovered near the burial site,” reported the Department.

«The identity of the deceased was confirmed by a mother who identified her son by the fragments of clothing. According to her, in the summer of 2014, during the occupation by the Ukrainian Armed Forces of the Lutugino region, the son from the first days helped the people’s militia, for which he was repeatedly subjected to torture by the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” added the press service.

The mother of the deceased said that she immediately recognized her pink sandals in which her son came out of the house in towards the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the August evening.

«I identified him by the things in which he left the house and never came back… It is a t-shirt, shorts, sandals. It was during the evening hours, at probably 10. They knocked, called Evgeny,” said Salamatina. He calmly came out wearing my pink women’s sandals, because he never was going to leave, he simply went outside”.

Experts at the Lugansk Republican Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination (BFME) began to study the remains of the inhabitants, discovered the day before in the Lutugino district by employees of the LPR Ministry of State Security.

This was reported by the medical examiner of BFME Roman Volchenko. «In the department of examination of corpses we were given bone fragments, among which the fragments of three skulls have been determined,” he said.

«The skulls are likely to belong to young people. There is damage on the skulls, at least two have signs of gunshot bullet injuries,” said the expert.

«To more accurately comment on the existing damage, their nature, and mechanism of formations will be possible only after carrying out a judicial-medical examination,” he explained.

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Translation courtsey – Olli Richardson

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