Opposition accuses Kiev of trying to cut Donbass off from Ukraine

Opposition accuses Kiev of trying to cut Donbass off from Ukraine | Русская весна

Instead of implementing the Minsk agreements on the basis of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, Kiev is doing everything to cut off the Donbass region from the rest of the country, Ukraine’s Opposition Bloc party said on Monday.

The opposition party recalls in its statement that the authorities in Kiev have repeatedly promised that the Constitutional Commission would submit to parliament a draft reform providing for decentralization, an important provision of the Minsk agreements. "The Opposition Bloc demanded precisely this ahead of the last parliamentary week, but to no avail. The promise given by the authorities has remained unfulfilled," the document says.

"The government is going to dismiss from his post the head of the Donetsk military and civil administration [Alexander Kikhtenko], who favored economic integration of the two parts of the Donbass region, in fact, implementing the Minsk agreements. On the other hand, the authorities are advertising the actions of the head of the Lugansk military and civil administration [Gennady Moskal] severing any channels of communication between the two parts of the region and leaving people in Lugansk without water. Instead of drastic reforms for the sake of peace, the government engages in searching for and persecuting of those who disagree," the statement says.

The Opposition Bloc believes that "the authorities "are sowing the war by sabotaging the Minsk agreements and sheltering themselves behind declarations of peaceful intentions." "If the authorities don’t stop the sabotage of the Minsk accords, the blame for the possibility of a new spiral of war will be laid on it too," the opposition noted.

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