Belarus will not to recognize LPR and DPR documents

Belarus will not to recognize LPR and DPR documents | Русская весна

Belarus has announced the executive signed by Russian president Valdimir Putin recognizing LPR and DPR passports and other documents has nothing to do with Belorussian legislation so LPR and DPR passport holders will not fell free in Belarus. 

The Republic of Belarus is part of a "Union State" with the Russian Federation which means that citizens of both countries are free to live or work in the opposing country without a visa, and are only required to use their domestic, or internal passport, rather than their foreign-travel passport when crossing into the opposite country to visit, travel, work or live.

This announcement came from the official representative of the Belorussian State Border Committee Anton Bychkouski.

Bychkouski stated that those seeking to enter the Republic of Belarus, must do so with visas or documents "which give the right to do." For some foreigners visiting Belarus, it is specified that documents outlining travel arrangements and hotel reservations may be submitted in lieu of visas.

"We comply with applicable laws. In the absence of persons crossing the state border with documents giving the right to do, we cannot miss their offense, " Bychkouski stated. In addition, the official added that such persons will be "brought to justice in accordance with the current legislation."

Translated by James Harmon, originally published at RusVesna

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