Donetsk People’s Republic to open embassy in France

Donetsk People’s Republic to open embassy in France | Русская весна

The Foreign Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic has annoced that it is opening an embassy in the southern French city of Marseilles. The Donetsk People’s Republic recently opened an embassy in Athens with the assistance of a local supporter, Professor Andreas Zafiris.

Donetsk People’s Republic Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova said of the new facility in France,

“You are already familiar with the activities of our representative offices in Europe, the most active ones are Italy and Greece. Today France joins us. We are opening another representative centre in one of the guarantor states for the Minsk agreements implementation”.

Local French official Géral-Hubert Favart has agreed to help Donetsk set up the office due to lack of official support from the EU or French governments which do not recognise the sovereignty of the Donetsk or Lugansk People’s Republics.


Favart has stated,

“The first step was that we announced that our centку was officially registered on June 18, and a corresponding statement was published in the official journal. The second is the arrival here. The third stage will be held in France. We want to make the voice of the DPR heard in France”.

Like its counterpart in Athens, the Donetsk People’s Republic embassy will serve primarily as a centre of cultural exchange where locals can receive information on what life is really like in free Donbass.

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