Shutting down of Novorossiya?

Shutting down of Novorossiya? | Русская весна

The Czech post-communist media are now a slavish carbon copy of the US corporate mind-massaging in content, structure and form, thus most of its content are advertisements, pseudo debates, which are no true debates or discussions, news centered on celebrities, and systematic weeding out of truth. In contrast to communist propaganda, this massive mind control is glitzy, flashy, seemingly varied, colorful and happily self-debasing.

On May 23, just several hours ahead of the assassination of Alexey Mozgovoy in the style (which was a light blue version of the murder of Bednov "Batman" in the early hours of January 1, 2015) the Czech media's main news of the day about Ukraine and Donbass was a report that the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics (or two not really autonomous regions or "kids with special needs" to be taken back into custody by the Bandera junta under Minsk) "officially abandoned the idea and project of Novorossiya."

From its beginning, Minsk 1, based on "Putin's proposals," actually meant just that and exactly that. The timing and the connection of the murder of Mozgovoy and the announcement of such news as an apocalyptic "revelation" is thus very revealing for the one required and necessitated the other. The managers of Ukraine's (and Europe's) Nazification and their cunning appeasers do know that their project--in contrast to the project of Novorossiya--is radically incompatible with the emergence of true anti-oligarchic and anti-fascist leaders from below who are uncontrollable or who are not part of the NWO theater company "Tragedy [or Reich] Reborn." The one imperative of the New World Order is rather simple and well understandable: only its people and its puppets can lead and "make decisions" whatever side or role they are assigned for the sake of appearances. Unsystemic or even anti-systemic glitches must be systematically neutralized and removed.

Any "shutting down of Novorossiya" means and always meant not just appeasement for Nazism's comeback, but a green light for Nazification which goes beyond Ukraine and is part of the New World Order project. And Minsk (whatever number is attached to it) means and always meant just that. Anything else is either deception or self-delusion, which so often appears easier and nicer than courage or the truth.

The constraints, which Russian anti-communist and anti-Soviet oligarchy faced included, the Russian people, the few truly principled new type of people's leaders such as Strelkov, Mozgovoy, Bednov, Ischenko (most of whom have now been liquidated) and the challenge of how to sell and justify to the people at home the emerging pro-Nazi nature of the turn of such new "partnership."

The shutting down of Novorossiya led by Surkov and Company, de facto installed Western protectors in Russia after 1991, is equivalent to shutting down anti-fascist resistance to Nazism reborn.

It is now certain that, the ideologue and father of perestroika, A. Yakovlev, was recruited when he was sent for that very purpose by the Soviet top leader to "study" at the Columbia University in 1958 at the height of the Cold War, but also at a time when so-called "convergence theories" emerged. The abandonment of communism and the related Western demand for the breakup of the Soviet Union as part of the deal were thus a part of the most complex, the largest and most radical U-Turn operation, which leadership of any country dared to undertake. And it took several decades to implement it step by step. But the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ensuing colonization of Russia in the 1990s were only part I and part II of the long term project. Part III is currently unfolding in front of our uncomprehending eyes.

In the face of these Titanic forces with their long-term planning, money, power, and organization, one may still turn for the time being to gardening or poetry or become a voice in the wilderness. Or just continue to listen to the voice and imperative of one's own soul.

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