Americans sign prankster’s petition to nuke Russia (VIDEO)

Americans sign prankster’s petition to nuke Russia (VIDEO) | Русская весна

US journalist Mark Dice has asked the people of San Diego to sign President Barack Obama’s “plan” to nuke Russia to “maintain America’s superiority.”

The majority of beachgoers didn’t appear to get the joke, and signed the fake petition. The “experiment” was recorded on video, which Mark Dice then shared on his Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts.

“We just need a couple more signatures to support President [Barack] Obama’s new plan to deal with Russia,” Dice tell a random man whom he stops. “We are going to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike.” The man, who does not seem to be much familiar with the issue, cuts off Dice in mid-sentence, and says: “I’ll sign it for you.”

Dice encouraged people to sign the petition, saying that by signing it they are going to “support a nuclear strike against Russia.” “This is the one way we can maintain our superiority,” Dice says. “You know how Russia has been threatening United States lately,” he tells an apparent anti-Russian American patriot, who replies: “Yeah!” “I have been American all my life,” says the man who is signing the petition, “Let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint me,” he added, apparently referring to Obama.

There was just one couple who refuse to sign the petition, after they heard it was to support Obama’s plan to “launch the preemptive nuclear demonstration against Russia.”

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