Russia started large-scale humanitarian operation in Syria

Russia started large-scale humanitarian operation in Syria | Русская весна

Syrian Mass Media reported on Saturday that Antonov-124 «Ruslan» Russian huge aircraft with humanitarian cargo onboard has landed in the airport of Latakia city (see exclusive photos and video). This flight has completed transportation to Syrian territory as necessary items like tents and utensils for deployment of a refugee camp. This camp is assumed as being provided and guarded by the Syrian authorities and it proves to be capable to accept up to 500 persons.

Russia is ready to deploy not less than ten camps of the same type more. Their exact number will be defined in accordance with humanitarian situation for the moment.
This way Russian authorities have made another asymmetric decision. Instead of weeks-long disputes on the issue of what country is ready to accept refugees and how many of them can enter, as we see it in Europe now, Moscow provides shelters and food for the victims of the civil war on the territory of Syria and nowhere else.
There are no doubts that this initiative will result in not only a decrease of refugees’ stream which has already overlapped the EU. It will also become an example of how to do crisis management in a right way while those who support the enemies of Bashar Asad spill the oil into a fire of civil war in Syria.

Humanitarian operation held by Russia in Syria can significantly transform political background around the conflict. The day when the operation was started looks like intentionally coincided with the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs from «Normandy Four» which is to be held in Berlin. The central topic of the agenda while that session must become Syria, not Ukraine.
There is a guess that Sergey Lavrov will use this good example of how Russia really interferes in Syria for demonstrating to his western colleagues true goals which Moscow strives to meet in Syria. Those goals are the end of civil war and saving the lives of Syrian citizens.

The West will also get the answers for the questions about Russian aircraft transporting and why Russian Naval Infantrymen guard the airport of Latakia. This airfield was obviously chosen as a forward base for the deployment and logistic support of newly built refugee camps. It looks quite logically that Russian specialists have deployed all needed infrastructure to land heavy cargo aircraft and to render proper security for Russian personnel working in the airport.

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