Tense situation on Syrian fronts — war report by «Timur»

Tense situation on Syrian fronts — war report by «Timur» | Русская весна

Donbass born militia fighter «Timur» (nom-de-guerre) taking part in Syrian war on the side of Kurdish national defence forces responsible for coordination with Syrian Arab Army units submits the up-to-date war report made exclusively for «Russian Spring».

Main axis of advance

Syrian governmental forces offensive is being deployed in the two main directions.

The first one is Hama. The provincial capital, once rich and developed city, is half-circled by islamists and terrorists now. Town of Kefar-Nbuda to the north of Hama is being embattled at the moment. The islamists have retreated there from Kalaat Madik and Mgayr districts before. Control over that area opens road for governmantal forces to terrorists' positions in Habit, Al-Latamna, Kefar-Zayt and Han-Sheykhun districts.

The second direction is nothern part of Latakia and southern part of Idlib governorates. The offensive here is advancing along the mountain range in the Sahl al-Ghab plain. It is impossible for governmental forces to make any succes here without defeating terrorists' strongholds in the heights. These positions allow the islamists to fire the area making it live fire zone. American anti-tank guided weapons «Tau-1» being effectively used by the terrorists is big problem for governmental forces.

First success

Overnight to October 9th Syrian special forces regained control over Harbat Al-Nakus village as a result of severe attack. Surrounding area is being embattled now. Control over this area would allow the Syrian Army to advance towards Idlib.

The enemy opposing Syrian Army here is hefty. Most of the territories there is controlled by terror groups like Jabhat al-Nusra and Al-Kaeda*. There is strong chain of command among the groups, they are well equipped with communication facilities, know modern warfare and have combat experience. Due to foreign sponsors they have tanks, infantry combat vehicles, radio direction finder equipment and the previously mentioned anti-tank guided misiles.

Russian airforce role

Head of Syrian Airforce General Staff Ali Ayub was right when he mentioned prominent role of the Russian airforce in the fight against ISIS and Al-Kaeda. Syrian army and national defence forces were able to accumulate manpower and weaponry resources. But without disruption of terrorists' commanding and supply system further fights would be unsuccesful and would cost plenty of victims for Syria.

Meanwhile Russian airborne went on with airstrikes on terrorists' objects. ISIS and other terror groups' infrastructure is being demolished in Deir ez-Zor, Damascus and Aleppo districts by Russian war planes.

Over the last 24 hours the following objects were hit: several terrorist groups, hidden command center, communication point, firing positions and underground shelters, ammo depot and armoured vehicles repair unit. It has transpired that local field commander, leader of «Muhammad ash-Shamshan» group was wounded as a result of attaking terrorists' stronghold in Murek area.

«Timur», exclusively for «Russian Spring».

  • Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Kaeda — terrorist organizaions prohibited in Russian Federation by Supreme Court decision
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