SENSATION: Russian MiG-29 in Syria was downed by a direct hit straight from Twitter

SENSATION: Russian MiG-29 in Syria was downed by a direct hit straight from Twitter | Русская весна

Early in the morning of October 10th several Bitish media agencies reported that the Turkish airforce had downed Russian fighter jet MiG-29 which violated airspace the Middle Eastern state.

All of them referenced to British Daily Express newspaper which said:

Eyewitnesses saw a big explosion in Hraytan in the north of Syria while the three fighter jets were spotted over the town.

As reported by an unnamed journalist the presence of the three Turkish war planes was merely a reaction to «misterious» targets lock-on by MiG-29 employed by Putin’s forces. contacted Turkish government and Russian airborne representatives but received no comments.

The source of information for such a mindblowing sensation — please mind that Russian plane downed by Turkish airforce makes quite a casus belli, at least makes diplomats exchange memoranda and recall the ambassadors — was Twitter post by a certain yasser alhaji

«Unconfirmed report: Russian palne was downed by the Turkish after violating Turkey airspace».

The event which under certain «succesful» circumstances could be a trigger of WWIII caused predictable agitation among users. The most prominent reply belongs to Twitter user CankatSir who told that "all of us would be in big trouble if this was true".

Other users agreed and demanded at least any evidences or source reference.

There were no evidence. And it’s no surprise regarding that user @Yasseralhaji1, who posted that pseudo-sensation, is the so called «Free Syrian Army» supporter and his whole Twitter activity leaves no hopes for objectiveness.

Most of his tweets are anti-Assad and anti-Russian mottoes.

Thus as a reaction to Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov’s words «Nobody has any idea what the Free Syrian Army is, it is basically a phantom» he posted the photo of some bearded men sitting on a tank wiand accompanied it with the following comment:

This speaks of the fact that @Yasseralhaji1 twitter user is no newsmaker or eyewitness but simply anti-Russian propagandist.

But let’s get back to the planes

It is worth to mention that despite obvious questions «who are those people?», «where and where was the photo made?» Tim Whewell from BBC immediately caught on him and offered to discuss some issues.

The Tweet variously interpreted began to spread very fast.

To most Twitter users' credit the majority of comments came down to mistrust and fear of the unevitable WWIII.

Despite the collective effort of Twiiter community the only one person was found who could be called eyewitness. Ammar al Jazir told about big explosion in the sky and three fighter jets seen by him.

What exactly exploded in the sky — an American drone, Russan plane, airship of the North Corean expeditionary force, UFO — remains unrevealed. Especially that to explode a plane in the sky — not to down it but to explode — is quite an exotic task.

In fact the story of the Russian plane downed by Twitter crossfire could be called closed. It is hard to say why Daily Express named exactly MiG-29 and not the other model. Perhaps editors and journalists should be asked of that.

Besides, the Turkish media are still unaware that their country is standing on a thin borderline between them and WWIII.

For instance the Turkish «Hurriyet» reports that NATO and Russia met face to face in Syrian water area, it develops the fake of Russian missiles in Iran, and the only messages mentioning aviation and air defence are about «Patriots»: the USA remove them from Turkey which is worrying for the journalists — they are left without air «umbrella» over the country.

The same problems are discussed in «Zaman» and the other Turkish media — as well as migration crisis supposedely aggravated after Russian air mision in Syria. They also talk about relationships between Turkey and Russia where all the dialog options remain open.

So the conclusions are the following:

1. Absence of any eyewitness not to speak of photos or videos

2. Propagandist essence of Twitter account where the «sensation» was published

3. Turkish media silene

4. Arab media silence

5. Absence of MiG-29 in Russian airborne team in Syria

This allows us to make a firm conclusion that the «sensation» is not the first anti-Russian stove-piping made by British media indirectly supporting terrorist.

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