How it works: Internet lying machine — Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

How it works: Internet lying machine — Syrian Observatory for Human Rights | Русская весна

October 20 Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that over 20 days of Russian air mission in Syria 243 fighters and 127 civilians — 34 children and 36 women among them — were killed. The news was immediately caught up by the western media.

Sure thing! It supposedely discredits Russian Defence Ministry statements which tell us about more than 500 hit targets and numerous losses among terrorists. According to Syrian Observatory each third killed by Russian airborne is civilian, isnt’t it?

So it turns out that most of the targets were hit with no apparent losses among terrorists. In fact we are dealing with another fake of world information campaign against Russia and legitimate Syrian government. It is all around obvious.

Let’s start with news content. There are exact numbers. All killed are accurately identified either as «civilians» or as «fighters» and precisely counted. Provided that we are speaking of dozens of targets all over Syria. Let’s not forget that part of these targets are located beyond urban areas.

Besides Syrian Observatory is speaking about Russian airstrikes. It seems that every time, day or night, there was somebody who registered and recorded which plane — Russian or Syrian — hit terrorists' base in a forest or command centre in the mountains.

Now let’s get to the source. What is «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights»?

This was said by «The New York Times» newspaper April 13 2013: the whole organization consists of one person. Rami Abdurakhman a.k.a. Ali Suleiman, an unsuccesful businessman, oppositionist who hasn’t been in Syria for already 15 years. He receives information from more than 200 anonymous sources from among social activists and fighters (!) from differeen location in Syria.

His statements and communiques being reefereed to by international human rights organizations, UNO and military experts are based on such shady information obtaining scheme — says New York Times. (

Being interviewed by New York Times Rami Abdurakhman told that his informational activity is funded by the two clothing stores profits, «small subventions» from EU and «some European country». It’s not hard to guess which country it is because all this time Rami Abdurakhman has been living in London suburb.

What could be reported by two hundred anonymous sources from «social activists and fighters» in Syria? How do they reveal facts, detect war planes, identify and count killed fighters and civilians? Could they be the same activists who post one-year-old photos on social networks and claim them as fresh resulsts of Russian airstrikes? Could they be the same fighters who make selfies next to dead bodies of the Syrian soldiers killed by them?

It’s pretty obvious that «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» and its information is one big fat fake, just another link of global lie chain aimed at concealing what is really going on in Syria and other countries which fell victims of Western aggression as well as of radical and exteremists used by the West.

Infrastructure of this mega-fake was created well before. The Internet technologies upon which social networks like Facebok or Twitter are based have been created under control of the Western special services ( «Arab revolutions» informational backup with staff training, role distribution and network creation started several years before the «Arab Spring» and Syrian war. It has been done almost overtly, was funded by State Department and Soros Fund, it has been supported by such institution as Stanford Unversity (

What do we see as a result? Western news agencies and politics deriving «information» оf «Assad’s regime violence» and «Russian airstrikes aftermath in Syria» from social networks post. These posts are published by biased «specialists» prepared by western special servies and funds. Civil population in combat zone has no time for Internet and mostly no Internet at all.

That is the real reason why photos of unknown origin are being shared and spread all over social networks. These photos are «depicting» civilians' death, Syrian offiicials' or Russian airborne's «crimes». But it seems there is noone out there to tell about power station destroyed by the American planes cutting Aleppo from electricity.

Moreover even such well chosen information published by "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" can be used by western media for manipulation. For instance, October 1 news agencies spread message about 30 civilians in Homs killed by Russian airstrikes. They were referring to Rami Abdurakhman’s data. His «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» reported 27 victims of Syrian aviation

October 20 «Deutsche Welle» referring to Reuters and «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» announced that 3 Russian servicemen died in Syria. While Rami Abdurakhman told not about serviemen but volunteer combatants fighting for Syrian govermental forces. That is how massive informational war on Russia is being waged with the help of social networks and fake «monitoring human right centres».

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