Why Syrian terrorists change their sign-board? What do we expect now?

Why Syrian terrorists change their sign-board? What do we expect now? | Русская весна

Lebanese media «Safir» has published an article shedding some light on the processes going on among high top of the Syrian terrorists. There are recurring attempts to turn terrorists into «legal opposition».

At the meeting of «Ahrar ash-Sham» terror group command it was decided by a majority of votes to put aside those leaders who earlier cooperated with terror group «Jabhat an-Nusra» and international terror organization «Al-Kaeda».

«Ahrar ash-Sham» military wing leader Abu Saleeh at-Tuhan was put aside like that. Some time before young preacher Abu Ah’ya al-Masri changed the old wolf of religious propaganda «sheikh» Abu Jabar Hashim currently residing in Aleppo.

Abu Saleeh at-Tuhan

«Supreme mufti» of "Ahrar ash-Sham" Abu Muhammad as-Sadyk is going to be also changed for somebody younger.

All these changes in the top ranks of the islamists operating mostly in nothern Syria is aimed basically at two main things. On one hand such shifts reinforce political wing of «Ahrar ash-Sham» which is not recognized as terrorists by the West, Turkey and Arabian monarchies.

Previous bloodbathed jihadists are slowly going underground.

«Ahrar ash-Sham» representatives in Istanbul and Paris have already declared that the group belongs to «moderate opposition» and is going to take part foreign funding of the Syrian war: «Naional Army of Liberation».

On the other hand such measures allow «Ahar ash-Sham» to pick up the torch from «Jabhat an-Nusra» and unite different terror groups in Syria not loyal to Syrian government or ISIS. Number of local terror groups in Aleppo have already joined «Ahara ash-Sham» and now this group based in Idlib is trying to swallow different groups in Hama and Homs gvernorates and in Al-Gab valley including «Jayish ul-Fath» coalition.

But the primary task is to make it all seem like there is «opposition» in Eastern Gouta near Damascus where governmental forces are now pushing terrorists back.

At the present moment according to Syrian reconaissance data «Jabhat an-Nusra» fighters operaing in Eastern Gouta as «Jayish ul-Islam» are made to change their chevrons to «Ahrar ash-Sham». Those discontended with course change can be easily executed just like it was done with foreign mercenaries in «Gouraba» group trying to escape for Jordan to remain loyal to «Al-Kaeda».

Moreover there are certain reasons to think that in the nearest future another change is possile — main ideologists and commander of «Jayish ul-Islam» Zahran Allyush who smudged his record by ties with «Al-Kaeda».

Zahran Allyush

He may be changed to Abu Suleiman az-Zabadan or Abu Musa al-Kanakri. Both of the belong to «Ahrar ash-Sham», their arms are covered with blood but they do not have any relatives on the otehr side of the combat so they are more reliable in case if Syrian armed forces affensive will be succesfull near Damascus.

This is another side of the ongoing «HR changes». «Al-Kaeda» crisis in Syria caused by the Russian airstrikes should not become general crisis among the terror groups. As there are no significant wins by the so called «opposition» and «Free Syrian Army» exists mostly in Western media reports then the only power able to perform operative command of the spread fronts and different groups are the islamists.

Due to support from Turkey and Qatar the most effective, organized and numerous is «Ahrar ash-Sham» group which is not directly complies with «Al-Kaeda» and not associated with ISIS.

With due regard to all these facts «Ahrar ash-Sham» political wing representatives were invited to meet UNO commisioner Stefan de Mistura in Istanbul. October 24 Qatar Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attyia announced that «Jund al-Mulyaheem» operative group was established by «Ahrar ash-Sham» and «Jayish ul-Islam» to oppose «Syrian regime and Russian aggression» near Damascus. But he failed to mention that «Ahrar ash-Sham» and «Jayish ul-Islam» were intially invited to fight near Damascus by terror group «Jabhat an-Nusra».

So special services of Qatar and Turkey were seemingly operating together to make some terrorists «legal» and eliminate the other connected with «Al-Kaeda».

However not every terrorists is ready to join «Ahrar ash-Sham». In the South, in Quneitra district ambassador of that group were just blown up by «Free Syrian Army» revolutionaries funded by Israel. Just like «Ahrar ash-Sham» are blasting ISIS envoys near Idlib and Aleppo.

Abu Ah'ya al-Masri

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