Four questions to Turkey on supposedy destroyed quasi-humanitarian convoy

Four questions to Turkey on supposedy destroyed quasi-humanitarian convoy | Русская весна

Some not quite respectable media have recently published and spread the information on Russian airstrike which allegedly hit humanitarian aid convoy from Turkey carrying living essentials to a local refugee camp near Azaz.

The incident happened on the Syrian territory not far from Turkish border, at least seven drivers are dead. The convoy consisted of 20 trucks.

This informaton were published by the Turkish and Ukrainian news media.

There are several questions to "our Turkish partners". By now they seem to be unanswered.

1. Turkish media have already shown bright photos of the destroyed trucks. Moreover there is video showing Turkish reporter emotionally blaming Russian army for humanitarian convoy attack.

However neither photos nor videos do not show contents of the destroyed trucks. What were the Turkish trucks loaded with and why should a reader take it on trust there was relief aid inside?

It would be bright and prominent to show burning blankets, smashed canned meat and torn tents. So why not showing it? Instead of this reader is left to guess what was inside the "relief aid".

2. Why did Turkey not announce humanitarian aid delivery to refugee camp? Such events are usually well covered by the media. Just think of the famous Russian "white KAMAZ trucks" delivering relief aid to Donbass: at the beginning each mile travelled by them was shot and filmed!

State aid for refugees and terror victims is absolutely positive thing. Why were the Turks so modest and silent about that?

3. Why were there no bomb craters shown to scandalized public? Bomb craters are inevitable after airstrikes. Where are amunition residual elements and shell fragments which had to lye around the blast area? Where are fragment holes and marks on the trucks?

4. Why did most of the big mainstream Western media ignore that information? BBC went absurd: they published Turkish humanitarian convoy bombing news in Russian (presumably for those sucking-everything-up Ukrainian media),

but went silent on their English version leaving that shady episode of Syian war uncovered.

All those questions went unanswered.

Russian Defence Minitsry called that information "stovepiping" and sarcastically commented that  

«next time it is highly recommended not to pass off burning convoy loaded with ammunition supplies for the terrorists fighting to the north of Aleppo as "humanitarian aid".

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