How Western media brainwash the Europeans by demonizing Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

How Western media brainwash the Europeans by demonizing Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

January 16 Russian Ministry of Defence announced launch of humanitarian operation in Syria aimed to provide the civilian population with basic needs.

The Western media had to cover lthis because it had been officially announced by Russian Defence Ministry.

However the way of coverage makes it obvious that the main task of the most Western media is not independent and unbiased journalism but manipulation of public opinion and overt anti-Russian propaganda.

British Sky News channel promptly published an article titled «Russia To Focus On 'Humanitarian Ops' In Syria».

Two things are sticking out: humanitarian operation headline phrase in quotes and the fact that the article is illustrated by Russian Air Force jet in action, bombing Syria.

It doesn’t matter much that the photo shows bomardments of terrorists' positions in December 2015 by the Russian AF

— that photo (as designed by the British edition) should form an aggressive image of a hostile state for the Westrn readers.

Video in the article serves the same aim — there is no footage of humanitarian cargoes being dropped over Syrian Deir ez-Zor published by Russian MoD but video of joint assault flights by Russian and Syrian Air Forces.

This is just another direct message: look, the Russians are enemies, they’re with Assad, they destroy oppostional forces in Syria. So here we go again: simple but efficient information war technique.

To make the picture complete: shocking photos of starving children.

It supposedly takes place in Syrian Madaya. Assad is alleged to be guilty of that.

It is to be reminded that «Russian Spring» has already published its own investigation results concerning Western media’s shameless lie about starving children in Madaya. The photos being spread by the media all over the world as «Assad’s army crimes evidence» were taken in other Syrian regions or even outside Syria.

In paticular one of the most famous photo which went viral in social networks (a kid’s before and after Madaya hunger) depicts two different people: a girl on the left is Syrian refugee in Jordan and a boy on the right — in Eastern Gouta, Damascus province. This photo has nothing to do with Madaya.

Sky News video is quite similar — shocking footage with no evidnce this is happening in Madaya. But English subtitles persuade viewers — this is the town besieged by the Syrian army. It is Assad to blame for rice cost 170 pounds per kilogram here. Not the fighters of Ahrar ash-Sham* and Jebhat an-Nusra** terror groups who seize humanitarian convoys and then sell humanitarian aid to Madaya residents which has been also covered by "Russian Spring" before.

In the era of social networks, hashtags and reposts news hooks arise and go viral all over the world. But it’s not so spontaneous as it seems — these processes are skilfully managed by the media and the media in their turn are managed by key political players.

World’s agenda is very selective. Those who manage it don’t need pictures of Russian planes air dropping humanitarian aid over Deir ez-Zor. They need Russian airstrikes pictures and starving Syrian children.

*, ** terrorist groups banned in Russian Federation

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