Anti-Russian lying International: who's behind media hoaxes of "video evidences of the Russian AF crimes in Syria"? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Anti-Russian lying International: who's behind media hoaxes of "video evidences of the Russian AF crimes in Syria"? (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

German journalist and Russophobe stuffes his Twitter with "Russian bombardments" videos created by Turkish agency which was once caught red-haded with fake-production. Investigation by "Russian Spring".

Julian Roepcke, Bild political section editor continues his «debunking» of Russia's miltary anti-terror operation in Syria. 

Some time ago he posted a link to video on his Twitter, this video according to him depicts an airstrike carried out by the Russian Air Forces against civilians in Zamalka, Damascus outskirts.

Not to leave this tweet unnoticed among other infomational junk the author informs his readers about victims among the civilians (12 were killed according to Julian Roepcke).

The video really shows aftermath of bomb or artillery strikes but what made Roepcke think it was Zamalka and what made him believe the Russian AF did it that remains unclear. What's even more doubtful it's information on victims.

There are no bodies, no dead on the video. Just as well we may inform of one hundred killed or even one thousand killed but Roepcke and his colleagues have learned to play it cool.

The source Roepcke references to (not for the first time) cannot be called objective and credible. It is to be reminded that «Quasioun news» news agency, which is so popular among «debunkers» of Russia's alledged crimes in Syria, was established in Turkey in 2014 amid general escalation in the region.

To assess «credibility» (ultimate bias and anti-Russian focus indeed) of this source it's enough to look up the news published by «Quasioun news» over the next few days:

The news piblished in Turkish, Arab, Kurdish and English were criticized before for prooflessness and unsubstantiated character. In June 2015 «Quasioun news» got into a false position and had to apologize officially for another lie.

The agency published interview videorecord where Nisreen Abdulla whom the Turkish journalists called "a representative of Kurds' National Defence" (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel, YPG) fighting in Syria. In this video she alledgely acknowledged that YPG members performed cleansing operations in Arab villages and exiled the residents out of them.

But as it turned out later "Quasioun news" descended to falsehood and took Nisreen's February interview to French France2 edition titled "Brigade fights jihadists", then moved out France2 logos, added their own watermarks and made their own misleading translation

The Turkish journalists didn't bother much with addressing the issue and called Nisreen Abdulla «YPG leader» while she was a commander of female Defence group (Yekîneyên Parastina Jin, YPJ). This organization is YPG's ally, which first emerged as its branch in 2012 and then grown into separate structure.

It's interesting that France2 made interview with Nisreen Abdulla (which served then as that fake's basis) during her visit to France where she even met president Francois Hollande as YPJ representative.

It appears that political observer of such long established edition as German "Bild" descends into ssearching for information about «crimes of the Russian military in Syria» in doubtful and mendacious source.

Moreover — the Turkish one. Roepcke of all people should be aware of how much biased and Russopobic are the news produced by this "news agency". But he's not confused by that at all. And this can be easily explained:

he does not need objective information. He needs anti-Russian propaganda. Overt and bald it may even be clumsy and crudely made, the main thing it is directed against Russia and speaks of the so called Russian military crimes in Syria.

Because who needs exploration: facts comparison, video translations from Arabic, looking up the information sources… Who needs this when respectable Bild observer told that the Russians were bad. There is a lot of people who would believe that in Western world.

Number of hoaxes connected with Russian military operation in Syria gathers like a snowball. The West is afraid of Russia being efficient and succesful in fighting world's evil — international terror organizations. Not to allow that some experts (including Roepcke) are ready to risk their reputation.

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