IMPORTANT: USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia saluted all guns of information war against Russia

IMPORTANT: USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia saluted all guns of information war against Russia | Русская весна

The tried and true double standards policy was once again used by the Western «allies» against Russian AF operation in Syria.

After the fist day of ceasfire all the enemies of Russia and Syria hit as an united front blaiming Russian and Syrian Air Force for bombing the «rebels».

USA «attacked» first

February 27 2016 using the official resources of the USA embassy in Syria the Syria Ceasefire Coordination Group contact data were published on Twitter, the data were attached to USA Department of State domain.

The Coordination Group report contained references to ceasefire violation cases from the side of Syrian governemental forces and Russian Air Force.

Watchdogs of the West — Reuters and human rights activists

Notorious «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» located in London by pure chance, has announced that war planes hit 5 Syrian towns in the Western part of Aleppo province, Reuters reports.

However the human right «watchers» then specified that war planes dad not been identified.

Then Reuters reports that fighters of the illegal armed groups have confirmed airstrikes and stated they had been carried out by the Russian AF.

Turkey shelling Syria but keeps on blaiming Russia

«Russian war planes violated Syrian truce agreement by attaking Aleppo city distrcts controlled by the opposition. This resulted in death and injuries», — reports Turkey’s biggest news agency «Anadolu» which voices Erdogan’s regime point of view.

«Anadolu» is referring to its employee — an editor of «Shahba Press» agency situated in Aleppo Mamun Hatib.

«Russian Air Forces attacked controlled by opposition districts of Aleppo such as Kafr Hamra, Assiya, Kabir Ingiliz, Kaptan Jebel, Anadan and carris out an airstrike on Aleppo-Aaazaz road. Residential quarters were siriously affected by those airstrikes, there are dead and injured», — told Hatib.

There were no photo and video evidences provided but «Anadolu» goes on blaiming:

«On the other side press-centre in Aleppo reported that the Russian Air Force had carried out 8 airstrikes on Harbnafsah located in the South of Hama province with cluster bombs».

It seems like the Turkish respond to accusations of supporting yesterday’s ISIS* offensive and selling Syrian territory.

It is to be reminded that yesterday the Kurdish forces blaimed Erdogan’s regime for supporting ISIS offensive in Tell-Ab’jad by artillery fire. These facts were confirmed by Russian MoD after receiving relevant information from various sources.

Saudi Arabia

By the evening of February 28 Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir joined his partners and blaimed Russia and the Syrian government for violating ceasefire in Syrian Arab Republic. This was reported by France Press Agency.

The whole world knows that the Saudi are the main sponsors of the radical islamiss all over the world. Al-Saud’s regime considers itself as a main custodian of the «true islam».

It was Saudi Arabia kingdom who supported the Chechen terrorists and fighter and now it’s funding the terrorists ib Syria.

Truthful lie of the pro-Western propaganda: zero facts, lots of blaiming

These statements seem to be hoaxes and fruits of the pro-Western propaganda striving for discrediting the anti-terrorist operation performed by the Russian AF and for peaceful settlement failure by inducing armd conflicts renewal in the region.

It is to be reminded that since 00.00 (Damascus time) February 27 2016 an agreement on the introduction of a ceasefire in Syria took effect. The cessation of hostilities does not apply to designated terrorist organizations operating in Syria, including ISIS and Jebhat an-Nusra**.

It was previously announced at Russian MoD that airstrikes are completely stopped in the regions where truce application came from. Since Saturday 00:00 Russian war planes have completely stopped bombing the regions and the armed groups which applied for ceasefire — this was told by Russian General Staff official Sergey Rudskoy.

Head of Coordination Centre in Syria Lt. Gen. Sergey Kuralenko told that Moscow is carrying out its obligations under the ceasefire completely, in spite of attempts by some parties to convince the world of the contrary. He also specified that does not mean «rest» for ISIS or an-Nusra Front terrorists.

«Russian Sping» expert group 

*, ** terrorist organizations banned in Russian Federation

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