"Damned Kremlin propaganda!" - NATO and EU suffer image deterioration (VIDEO)

"Damned Kremlin propaganda!" - NATO and EU suffer image deterioration (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Something big hapenned in the European Union! The European External Acion Service (de-facto Foreign Ministry of EU) launched a web-site in Russian! It is dedicated to «Russian propaganda debunking»! (see here). This is reported by «Russian Spring» friend, Kiev-based journalist Alyona Berezovskaya.

In its first tweet after the site launch the «debunkers» exposed the main «evidence» of Russian propaganda machine’s guilt: public opinion surveys show that EU image in Russian society has dramatically dropped since spring 2014. The creators of the «whistle-blowing» web-site apparently lnk this with «pro-Kremlin desinformation» (see here). What else could it be?

This idea was immediately caught by the whole bunch of «experts on Russia» — for example famous writer Anne Apllebaum, author of the numerous books about «Kremlin propaganda». The propaganda works», — she says referring to the same data (see here).

Well, yes, certainly, EU’s rotten image in Russia could be explained by «Kremlin propaganda» only. Not by Brussels’ action for God’s sake! The fact that Brussels started applyingone-way sanctions against Russia in spring 2014, should probably contribute to Europa’s image. According to the European officials the Russians should feel grateful for EU and the USA for those sanctions! And they would if that wasn’t for that «damned propaganda machine of Kremlin» which broke an angelic mage of the European Union.

«We see that Russia’s spending a lot of money and investing into different types of propaganda. We won’t fight propaganda wth propaganda», — said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg presenting 2015 end-of-year report in Brussels. (see here)

«Kremlin propaganda» — this term has become a meme for the Western media. Everything could be explained by it. For example British magazin «New Statesman» has recently published a small reportage from Donetsk. The word «propaganda» is occuring in every line of it. (see here).

Reportage author, some Daniel Metcalfe predictably explains the wishes and intentions of Donetsk residents by the good old «Russian propaganda».

The author describes horror of artillery shellings, he even underlines that the shellings usually begin «just before the main Ukrainian holidays». But there is no single word about who’s shelling the blood-oozing Donetsk! Because as soons as he says it’s Ukraine who bombs Donetsk the article will be reckoned among the other pieces of «Russian propaganda»!

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