«Save us!» — residents of Shi'ite villages thank Russia, Putin and RUAF asking to stop genocide — EXCLUSIVELY at RUSSIAN SPRING (VIDEO, PHOTOS 18+)

«Save us!» — residents of Shi'ite villages thank Russia, Putin and RUAF asking to stop genocide — EXCLUSIVELY at RUSSIAN SPRING (VIDEO, PHOTOS 18+) | Русская весна

March 28 at Russian Reconciliation Centre in Syria the centre’s officials met residents of Shi’te villages al-Fuah and Kefraya of Idlib governorate which has been encircled and besieged by «Jabhat an-Nusra»*, «Ahrar ash-Sham»* and «Jayish al-Islam»* terrorists for more that two years

Representatives of these villages told Russian military officers about humanitarian emergency. This was reported to «Russian Spring» by a military source.

Resident of these villages have written an appelation to all who could help in resolving murderous conflict, take all required measures to stop shellings, to render humanitarian aid and evacuate numerous heavily wounded and ill civilians in need of medical help.

Civil population of al-Fuah and Kafer-Haya (Kefraya) villages thank Russia, Vladimir Putin and the officers of Russian Armed Forces.

«We, residents of al-Fuah and Kefraya, are encircled by various Islamist military groups including “Jayish al-Fath” and “Jabhat an-Nusra” in Idlib governorate since March 25th  2015 till today.

We express our deep gratitude to president Vladimir Putin, government of Russian Federation, friendly people of Russia, to the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, to all the officers and non-commissioned officers, personnel of Syrian aviation group for your help to our Motherland, for your efforts to restore peace and safety here being guided by freedom, justice and human dignity principles»,  — reads this appelation.

«As we know ceasefire agreement came in force some time ago. In that context we ask you:

1. To stop terrorists’ reinforcement coming and artillery shellings carried out by them.

To stop sniper shooting, especially from Bennesh as there are dozens of victims already. Many of them are women and children whose only sin is being born in al-Fuah and Kefraya  and a wish to be free.

2. To render financial aid which could raise our spirits.

3. To resolve situation with humanitarian aid delivery by air to our territory. We are in deep need of heating oil (mazut) (in our case it’s not an axaggeration to say it is a matter of life and death) which is used for water supply systems, it is also required for hospitals’ and bakeries’ normal operation. We also need foodstuff supplies and medical supplies for chronic diseases therapy and vaccination.

We are grateful for you generosity! March 27 2016»

  • terror organization banned in Russian Federation

On the photos provided by the residents yuo can see horrid aftermath of shelling...

Map depicts the aforementioned villages an dthe terrorists around them.

The video was filmed by local activits to draw world’s attention to the horrid events in Syria Indlib governorate.

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