Why Daesh's Defeat in Palmyra is 'Great News, But Not for All Media'

Why Daesh's Defeat in Palmyra is 'Great News, But Not for All Media' | Русская весна

Major Western media outlets almost ignored the liberation of Palmyra from Daesh militants. At the same time, terrorism is the main threat to global stability. This proves how easily the US and European governments can manipulate the media, according to an article in Il Giornale.

US Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders won primaries in six states in a row, but he has never been the focus of media attention.

The reasons behind this are clear, Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, said. Those victories should not be covered in the media because they could pose a risk for the other Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The same approach is used on covering foreign political events, Roberts claimed.

The Syrian Army and its allies backed by Russian airstrikes liberated the ancient city of Palmyra from Daesh. However, neither Washington nor London reacted to the news. Thus, major US media outlets took the news as something minor.

In fact, the Palmyra liberation has become one of the most important victories over the terrorists, Italian journalist Marcello Foa wrote for Il Giornale.

Daesh is one of the most serious threats to global security. It is responsible for the terror attacks in Brussels and Paris.

"One more victory over Daesh* should be a piece of great news," he wrote.

Only a few outlets and broadcasters broke the silence, including The Independent and Russia Today, and several politicians, including London Mayor Boris Johnson.

"This proves how easily-manipulated state-funded media is. Thus, government can manipulate which events are covered by the media and which ones are ignored," the journalist concluded.

* terror organizaton banned in Russian Federation

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