Body of Officer Killed in Palmyra Handed Over to Russia

Body of Officer Killed in Palmyra Handed Over to Russia | Русская весна

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that the body of Alexander Prokhorneko, killed during the Palmyra liberation, was returned to Russia.

"It was a matter of honor for the Defense Ministry to return the body of First Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko, Hero of the Russian Federation, from the hands of terrorists," the Ministry said in a statement adding that the officer died while carrying out a military task in Syria.

"The fallen officer's body was brought to Moscow after special actions involving the representatives of the Syrian government and Kurdish self-defense forces", the statement read.

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Alexander Prokhorenko was killed during the military operation to liberate the ancient city of Palmyra from Daesh terrorists as he was providing intelligence and coordinating Russian planes to attack targets in the city.

During the operation, Prokhorenko's position was discovered and he was surrounded by terrorists. To avoid being captured, possibly tortured and interrogated, the 25-year-old man called an airstrike on his own position. 

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