Islamist fighters to launch another chemical weapon provocation to accuse Russia and Syria

Islamist fighters to launch another chemical weapon provocation to accuse Russia and Syria | Русская весна

Reliable sources in Syrian Arab Army reported meeting of Jabhat an-Nusra* and Jund al-Aksa* field commanders in Idlib province. Jund al-Aksa is declared terror group in the USA. The meeting was dedicated to transfering eight rockets filled with chlorine and other toxic elements to Jund al-Aksa.

The rockets are kept in Kafer-Zayta (Idlib) depot now. the depot is 6 meters deep undergrounf storage facility. There are also factory laquered 200 l. barrels with chlorine. There is more than 1 tonne of chlorine kept in the depot.

According to available data the Islamists are going to fill Hell Fire makeshift rockets with this chlorine and bring that down to loyalist forces near Maan and Kumhana in Hama province so that the terrorists could launch an offensive there and to distract governmental forces blocking Islamists in Aleppo.

Residential houses of Maan and Kumhan will also be affected to blaim Syrian Army or Russian Air Forces for using prohibited weapons.

It is not excluded that the terrorists fill the so called jihad-mobiles with that chlorine apart from makeshift artillery to attack Syrian army’s positions and launch terror acts in heavily populated ares. No doubts that the Russian and Syrian military will be accused of these crimes.

To fill artillery rockets and remote explosives there are chemists in Hama province managed by a certain Mahmoud Hussein Abdallah who was trained by Western specialists.

The sources report that 14 tons of warare poisonous agents have been brought into Syria over the period since July till September 2016 from the neighbouring countries. There are components for poisonous gases with high mortaloty level among these agents.

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What’s interesting is that despite all the present facts indicating Syrian terrorists dispose of chemical weapons, all the repeated appeals to pay attention to those horrendous facts from the side of Russian Defense Ministry and Syrian government remained unnoticed by UNO and OPCW. As if that fact is quite ordinary one and requires no special attention from international organiations and world community.

* terror group prohibited in Russian Federation

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