Who employed chemical weapons in Syria? — «Russian Spring» exclusive (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Who employed chemical weapons in Syria? — «Russian Spring» exclusive (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

The biggest Western media reported that «chemical weapon was allegedly employed» in Syria yesterday and «this was quite disturbing for world comunity».

Most of them report «two alleged cases». Reuters news agency with a reference to so called opposition’s media informed that in the night after Russian Mi-8 helicopter wa downed another helicopter in the same area dropped toxic gas containers on Sarakib village. “Opposition’s” propagandists sources claim that more that 30 people were injured. They blaim Syrian Army for that as illegal armed groups have no aviation.

It’s interesting that the footage showing people who were allegedly injured by toxic gas the first aid is given by the “white helmets” i.e. local “moderate rescuers” who were , т. е. местные «умеренные спасатели», которых не раз уличали в том, что они же сами являются боевиками и воюют против армии, а также ведут обстрелы подконтрольной правительству территории.

The photo shows a “white helmet” man and a suprisingly sober title by Euronews admitting there is no real grounds for blaims against governmental forces.









The USA reacted to those blaims immediately and announced their own verification of the facts. On Tuesday US Department of State spokesmean John Kirby expressed Washington’s concern.

It’s interesting that the American has admitted at once that they have no real evidences. 

«We have already studied those publications but I cannot say if they are reliable and truthful. We and our partners on site are studtying them very thoroughly. If they turn out to be true this would be very serious», — he told at at a briefing.

UN officials have also told that studied the messages on toxic gas employment in Syria but there were no real facts confirming that information.

Putin’s press-secretary Dmitriy Peskov also commented the informations on airstrike on Mi-8 helicopter crash area:

«The hoaxes like that are hard to react. It is always unclear what this information is based upon», — told Rusian president’s spokesman on Tuesday.

Chemiсal weapon employment by the islamists in Aleppo, August 3 2016

As «Russian Spring» reported the terrorists launched chemical attack on Aleppo yesterday. Journalists on site were the first to report about that. Some time later that was confirmed by the Syrian authorities.

According to state news agency SANA the terrorists shelled government controlled city dictricts with missiles filled with toxic gas. At least 5 people died as a result of this attack, 8 more people were injured and were sent to hospital.

The so called moderate opposition fighters have already employed chemical weapon in Syria. It was mostlly chlorine-based weapons as it was easy to produce. Terrorists in Aleppo used toxic gases in Khan Al-Assal against loyalists and in Shikh-Maqsud in February last year against Kurdish YPG forces. 

«Russian Spring» received footage of yesterday’s chemical attack in Aleppo

«On the 2 of August 2016 at 19:05 in the Eastern part of Aleppo from Sukkari the moderate opposition fighters employed chemical weapon (presumably V-agent) on Salah ad-Din district, residential quarter near Sahat Saldalla square», — this was told to «Russian Spring» by a source from Syrian Minstry of Health.

«As a result of that terror attack at least 7 people died and more than 20 people with suffocations symptoms and ihalation burns were evacuated to Aleppo hospitals», — he added.

Another source close to Syrian MoD generalship told «Russian Spring» that Syrian Arab Republic government would send correspondent statmenet to UN Security Council concerning chemical weapon employment by armed opposition groups.

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