There's a link between Russian embassy shelling and Washington’s threats - Moscow

There's a link between Russian embassy shelling and Washington’s threats - Moscow | Русская весна

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says there is a connection between Russian embassy shelling in Damascus and Washington’s threats. 

"We see a connection between this terrorist attack and the veiled threats to Russia that we heard from Washington the day before that," she said. "It is noteworthy that the attack came at the background of the discussion on possible deliveries of man-portable air defense systems and other kinds of modern military hardware to the combatants."

The West doesn't seem to care about the humanitarian situation in Syria and is trying to shield the militants of Jabhat al-Nusra from strikes, Russia’s Foreign Ministry official spokeswoman assumes: 

"The situation in Syria remains tense. The situation in the north of the country, primarily in Aleppo, is particularly difficult," the diplomat stated.

During the weekly briefing the spokeswoman noted that the armed units of the opposition and the government bodies created by them, the so-called Aleppo local council, continue to hamper the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in eastern Aleppo: 

"We believe that militants’ foreign patrons should have long joined efforts to tackle the issue. It is imperative that they exert the necessary influence on them and their commanders."

"In the meantime, we see that the Western countries do not take care about the humanitarian situation but seek to protect Al-Nusra and affiliated groups," Zakharova told reporters.

"And, speaking frankly, not to just protect, but to directly shield them from strikes." 

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