Kiev intends to cancel passenger trains to Russia from July 1

Kiev intends to cancel passenger trains to Russia from July 1 | Русская весна

Ukraine plans to stop the railway passenger communication with Russia from July 1, says Russian “Kommersant” newspaper referring to unnamed sources in Kiev .

According to a source close to Ukrainian government the formal pretext would be the reluctance of Russian Railway "to stop passenger transportation to Russia from the ATO zone and, in particular, from Donetsk, which violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine."

There is one train going between Yasinovatya/Donetsk (DPR) and Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog in Russia. That route was launched in 2015 and became a great present for all the people in Donetsk and the suburbs because railway traffic was stopped since the war began in 2014.

Administration of state-run Ukrainian railway company "Ukrzaliznytsya" the claim that "no decision on this matter has been made at the moment". Russian railway in its turn told "Kommersant" that they did not receive any documents from Kiev on the termination of passenger traffic.

"Plans to suspend passenger transportation have not been officially confirmed in Kiev or Moscow, however, Ukrainian interlocutors insist that the decision is "actively lobbied" by NSDC (Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine) Secretary Alexander Turchinov and the Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andrey Paruby, whose tough stance supports President Pyotr Poroshenko increasingly frequently," the article notes.

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