Syria: When kurdish «friends» are not so friendly

Syria: When kurdish «friends» are not so friendly | Русская весна

When kurdish «friends» are not so friendly.

As we mentioned before, SDF alliance, which de-jure controlled by kurds and de-facto controlled by USA is not a very united organization. Conflict between YPG and Syrian-native squads from Raqqa city (for example, «Jabhat Thuwar al-Raqqa» and «Suqour al-Raqqa») intensely increased a month ago.

YPG blamed Raqqa armed militants for sympathy to Assad or for relations with Turkey. Somehow or other, these groups were exiled to Kobani right before the start of al-Raqqa assault active phase.

But week ago represantatives of «Thuwar al-Raqqa» declared that their squads goes «back on track» and were deploying to the east from YPG positions, which offense on Raqqa city. According to the rumors, «Thuwar» and «Suqour» made this decision right after Trump and Erdogan negotiations. Just reminder – the main theme of dialogue was the «Kurdish question». And it’s very possible that participating of native Syrian military groups, which are loyal to Turkey, in al-Raqqa assault, was one of the Erdogan requirements.

In this way, squads of Raqqa natives will participate in assault of their city but as independent formation. It is worth to notice that «Thuwar» specialization is urban clashes. Years ago the US instructors train this squad especially for city assault. That’s why it has significant chances for success on «biting their own piece of cake», despite on small amount of strength (comparing with YPG). And if «Thuwar» and «Suqour» would prevail and seize at least part of the city, unlikely that kurds will begin a new conflict with their former allies, which definitely has rights on al-Raqqa, as opposed to the Kurdish gangs.

Also, couple of days ago Yazidis armed groups, which were a part of Iraqi-kurdish «Peshmerga», announced their defection and following merging with PMU (Iraqi armed militia, which fighting against ISIL and supporting B. Assad). Yazidis said that it’s not right to confuse them with Kurdish forces and declared that kurds «didn’t lift a finger to kick out ISIL from Yazidis villages, but PMU did it».

Seems that kurds acts like an «alpha male» in their military alliance and just repress other ethnic groups and looks like there is no place for them in future «Great Kurdistan».

UPD: Couple of days ago SDF announced that «Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa» will work with YPG and play a key role in city 

assault. Is it mean kindness of kurds or they just trying eliminateе their «friends» by pushing them on assault vanguard? We will see soon.

Also, more often and often foreign volunteers in SDF like Patrick Kasprik (his text already blocked in facebook) revealed information about relations with YPG inside the alliance and this picture is not so good. Looks like kurds thinks that not only Arabs are lesser, but foreigners are too.

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