Russian military and SAR captured missiles purchased by the Pentagon (VIDEO)

Russian military and SAR captured missiles purchased by the Pentagon (VIDEO) | Русская весна

On November 20, 2018, the Syrian Government Forces finished its 10-day operation against the ISIS factions hiding at the hard-to-reach volcanic plateau of Tulyul-Es-Safa in the southeast of El-Suweida Province.

Now, the Syrian troops are cleaning the liberated area. Among munitions and arms they have found on ISIS positions and in caches they discovered 12 units of the US anti-tank missile systems «TOW» and «TOW-2» had been discovered.

Also Syrian soldiers confiscated 132 Czechoslovakia-made 82-millimeter mortar shells, 43 Jordan-made 60-millimeter shells and 14 American automatic M-16 rifles.

Those arms and ammunition were purchased by the Pentagon within the US State program «Support for Allied Forces Abroad» and intended for «Magavir Es-Saura» («Commandos of the Revolution») militant group. 

That faction was formed by the Pentagon in «Al-Tanf» zone in 2017, and it is responsible for protection of the «Al-Rukban» refugee camp. But they actually hold tens of thousands of people as hostages there.

The fact that arms and munitions supplied by Americans to «Magavir Es-Saura» fled to ISIS* once again confirms the thesis which was repeatedly announced not only by Russia and Syria, but also by Jordan: Al-Tanf, which is occupied by the United States, remains the only strong point of the «Islamic State» terrorists to the west of Euphrates.

* Forbidden in the Russian terrorist organization.

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