Brand new threat to NATO: «Russian jammers»

Brand new threat to NATO: «Russian jammers» | Русская весна

The notorious Russian hackers, blamed by our enemies for everything — from the failure of the elections to the broken toasters, thanks to the Norwegian and Finnish authorities soon will join the new attackers — «Russian jammers».

In the middle of November 2018, Russian ambassadors in Norway and Finland were almost simultaneously called to the foreign affairs agencies of these states. There they were deeply concerned about the fact of deliberate jams in the global positioning system (GPS) on the part of Russia.

In addition, in December 2018, at a meeting in Milan, Ina Eriksen Sereide told about this issue to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, noticed that over the past 17 months there were five facts of active jams in GPS satellite signals from the Russian Federation.

Jammers are on the alert

The GPS jams according to the Norwegians, lasted from one to three minutes, and the failuresand errors of signal receivers were observed in northern and central Norway: the provinces of Finnmark, Tromsø and Nord-Trø ndelag. The data of technical analysis, with the spectral lines of the genuine and jamming signals, were presented as the proof.

The Russians seems to be revealedand the only way for Moscow is toadmit the guilt and repent. But experts of the radio communications and EW immediately had questions and arguments, to which the Finnish and Norwegian authorities chose not to pay attention, concentrating on the «Russian track».

Meanwhile, a careful study of the obvious facts and events not onlyleave in serious doubt the statements of our geopolitical neighbors, but also destroys the version with the «Russian jammers».

Formula against charges

Technically, the suppression of signals from GPS satellites is not difficult.low-power pulses, despite their complex structure, can be easily interfered by powerful sources of jams. However, this can occur only at the range of the radio horizon, the formula of which is known to every amateur. The range of satellite signals within 1–2 GHz spreads like a beam of light, which means that due to thecomplex relief, signals can only be receivedin the line-of-sight terrain(with a slight increase due to atmospheric refraction).For example, the 4 meter high jamming antennaand the GPS receiver in the hands of a two-meter person standingon level ground, the signal can be suppressed at a distance of no more than 13 kilometers.

Therefore, if the Norwegian authorities talk about the failures of navigators in Kirkenes, which is located 40 kilometers from the nearest Russian settlement behind the mountains and hills up to 500 meters high, you can only smile.Especially when Oslo says that jams are observed in the center of the country in the Trondheim region. This is contrary to the elementary radio wave propagation physics.

Of course, one can say that the Russian military moved directly to the border, which is located at a distance of 6 kilometers fromKirkenes. In this case the spread of lams will be prevented by hills and the equipment of suppression would be noticed by border guards and radio intelligence equipment of Norway.And the most important thing is that in the mountainous tundra, in deep snow, the setup of technical positionsis an extremely difficult task. No one will do that for three minutes jams.

Inconspicuous elephants

Meanwhile, officials in Oslo, accusing Russia of suppressing GPS signals, forget that during the numerous NATO combat training activitieson the mainland and in the Norwegian Sea, were practiced the actions of troops and forces in the presence of jams in satellite navigation systems. At the same time, the country's government sent out official warnings about time and place of jams. One of such advance warning states that from November 2 to 9, 2018, in the Kirkenes area, GPS signals will be suppressed or distorted.

Similar warnings were published for other areas of the Scandinavian countries on the eve of the NATO Trident Juncture 2018 exercise, during which participants practiced the scenario »GPS Signal Suppressed or Distorted».

None of the major combat training activities of the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance is carried out without practicing actions in the absence or suppression of satellite navigation.For example, in February 2019 in the north of Scotland and in the region of the Hebrides, the command of the British Armed Forces organized exercises on the suppression of GPS satellite signals. During the preparation for the deployment of theCVBGled by the Abraham Lincoln nuclear aircraft carrier, the US military officially announced that from 6 to 10 February the signals of the global positioning satellite system off the east coast of the United States will be severely distorted or absent.

For the first time since 2017, the exercises Trident Juncture 2018 that took place from October 15 to November 7, 2018, were shifted significantly north from the south to the north-eastern part of the Norwegian Sea.This can explain the failures in the GPS operation in the area of the Lofoten Islands, where the «Russian jammers» will not reach under any circumstances.

However, NATO officials are concerned. The Daily Mail, obviously under the impression of the power of the «Russian Jammers», published an angry article in which it again accused Russia of setting up GPS jams forarmy exercises.t’s hard to say what the NATO troops and ships were doing, but an absurd picture emerges from the words of the Alliance representatives: it turns out they deliberately waited for the Russians to magically begin to jam the GPS, and only then proceeded to planned measures for maneuvering and using weapons in difficult jamming situations.

Problems with receiving GPS signals in Norway and the border areas of Finland continue to be observed, and for some reason only there — in Russia, neither departmental nor independent observers recorded them. The strange thing Is that Oslo continues to warn consumers in advance about them, at the same time accusing the cunning Russians.

Not so long ago, representatives of AS Oscar Sundquist, which is laying the pipeline near Kirkenes in Finnmark province, in an interview with the Norwegian TV channel TV 2 complained about the strong intermittent failures of GPS and cellular signals. He said thatfailures of the global positioning system lead to significant costs after repeated restarts of the equipment and its testing.

And again, the failures miraculously coincide in time and areas with joint combat training of the Norwegian army and the US Marines(350 military personnel from USA are in the town ofVernesofTrø ndelag provinceand the same in Setermoen, this is in Tromsø).The American people will increase over time, including due to the deployment of US aircraft, instructors and technical staff at Norwegian air bases.

However, it is the Russians, according to the Norwegian authorities, who are guilty of creating a potential hazard to consumers of satellite navigation systems, which are already not very stable in the Arctic regions.

Intrusive protection

GPS owners are located in the USA. The system was created primarily for military purposes — for the sake of pointing weapons at targets. Americans have management and full control over GPS. They can produce an error of the navigation systems at any time in the necessary areas. For example, in Moscow from January 6 to January 9, 2018. GPS operators made an error in the definition of coordinates, and all residents of the capital of Russia fixed their position first in the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean, then in Africa and America.

In this regard, it is most likely that the scandal around the «Russian Jammers» was initiated by Norway and the United States.The US, pursuing their interests in the Arctic and showing a deep interest in the northern ally as a consumer of military services and armaments, seek to achieve the following goals:to justify their presence in the Arctic; to force Oslo to increase defense spending by actualizing the threat from Russia. And most importantly — to prevent the development of cooperation with Moscow in the development of Arctic resources.
Brand new
To do this, American politicians are trying in every way to provoke contradictions between neighbors on the Kola Peninsula. At the same time, Washington is persistently convincing the «defenseless» Norwegian partners that only the States can save them from «aggressive» Russia.

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