US criminal plan in Syria

US criminal plan in Syria | Русская весна

When the oil fields of Syria were exploited by ISIS* terrorists, and oil at very low prices flowed into US tankers through the Turkish intermediary, no one paid attention to them.

But after the Russian Air Forces and the «Calibres» of the Caspian Flotilla clearly identified the problem of the terrorist oil fields and greatly reduced them, the United States drove the Kurds under their control to seize the eastern coast of the Euphrates.

At the same time they smashed all the pumping stations and factories in the west, which was under the control of governmental forces. It is clear as day that the deliberate destruction of oil fields had nothing to do with the fight against ISIS, and the aim was to deprive Damascus of the economic base for restoring the country.

Moreover, on the eastern coast, the coalition of allied forces took care of, sometimes even refusing the allies fire support from the air, and the most valuable and preserved objects of the industry, such as the Conoco plant, were completely occupied by the US military simply having expelled the Kurds.

Bear in mind that these objects are not idle. Oil continues to flow out of Syria. Channels and oil tankers have changed, but the pocket for profit is still the same. 

The United States and its allies receive enormous profits from illegal oil production, and it was oil that was originally the goal of the United States in Syria. Now it is sold for nothing, for half of the real value. But everyone is happy: both buyers and sellers.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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