Russian Military Police in Syria

Russian Military Police in Syria | Русская весна

Representatives of the Military Police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carry out a very important mission to protect civilians in the territory of the SAR.

They are among the first profits in the Russian contingent of troops and to this day constitute its basis.

In the southern provinces, units of the military police are also on duty at observation posts on the Bravo line. They have the duty to monitor the observance of the cease-fire regime, and in case of its violation, to fix these facts and take prompt response measures.

Now, in relatively peacetime, the military police are delivering and issuing humanitarian aid. It conducts patrols, as well as protects the most important and dangerous areas from militants' breakthroughs, ensures the order and safety of humanitarian corridors for refugees.

But, despite the large amount of duties assigned to the military police, they find time to informally strengthen the military community with the SAR military personnel. Joint training on combat readiness is remarkably complemented by friendly football matches.

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