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USA out of Syria | Русская весна

The United States acknowledged its guilt for the humanitarian situation in Ar-Rukbane.

As the Washington Post reported on July 24, the United States Special Envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, explained why the United States cannot feed the refugees from the El Rukban camp.

According to James Jeffrey, humanitarian aid from the United States to refugees from the El Rukban camp will immediately serve as a pretext for accusing the US of occupying refugees. Secondly, it will delay the process of moving refugees out of the camp.

«If we were feeding them [the refugees], most likely we would have stayed there forever,» said Jeffrey. «There may be other options for them, for example, in the north-east or north-west of Syria».

American journalist George Rogen quoted these words of James Jeffrey during a hearing at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

El Rukban camp has been under siege since June 2018. The camp is located in a deserted area on the border with Jordan. All this led to a humanitarian crisis due to the lack of food and unsanitary conditions.

The United Nations announced at the beginning of the month that 15,600 people had left the camp since Syria opened its humanitarian reception centers for civilians in March 2019, but about 26,000 people remained in terrible living conditions.

Jeffrey stressed several times that the main reason that prevents the United States from assisting refugees in a camp located in the area around the American Al-Tanf base is that Russia can use this assistance as evidence of the illegal occupation of the region by the United States and will have to United States adverse legal and diplomatic consequences.

«Russia, the Syrian government and extremists are using the crisis of the humanitarian camp to reduce the legitimacy of our military presence,» Jeffrey added.

The United States held talks with Moscow on the delivery of humanitarian aid to the camp’s population, but the talks are currently deadlocked, and as a result, the convoy with the United Nations humanitarian aid in the Rukban camp did not reach.

«The fact that we are afraid to feed these people, because we will somehow bear responsibility for them, is cynical,» said Muat Mustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergencies Ministry. «The truth is that we are responsible for their condition, because they live under our [Syrian] protection». But now we can do nothing. »

«The United States benefited from the population of the camp, displaced from various regions of Syria, calmly forming new terrorist groups from the refugees, the goal of which is not peaceful life, but the continuation of the war in Syria,» continued Muat Mustafa.

Thus, by providing food for their soldiers, the United States leaves the families of refugees and their friends «hungry,» allowing Russia to criticize it when some people die of hunger, and Russia claims that the United States deliberately starves peace refugees. It is very difficult to argue against this.

Journalist George Rogen concluded that if the United States failed to develop an effective strategy for eight years, ensuring, first of all, the interests of the Syrian people, this does not exempt America from its responsibility to the people of the camp.

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