Humanitarian action in East Guta

Humanitarian action in East Guta | Русская весна

On August 5, a humanitarian action took place in the suburbs of Damascus in the village of Khazze (East Guta).

The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Battling Parties issued about 700 food packages, medical assistance was provided to 69 residents of East Guta.

An interesting case took place during the humanitarian action. A young Syrian woman sought medical attention. Her son, a boy of 8 years old, Omar, wanted to see a convoy of Russians arrive with humanitarian aid and climb up the fig tree. He found ripe fruit on the tree and decided to pick it for his mother.

The branch broke down and he fell from the tree. So, with figs in his hand, his mother brought him to a medical station during the delivery of humanitarian aid. Omaru was given first aid, and the child's injuries were not serious.

Mom thanked the Russian doctors with a bucket of figs.

Humanitarian action in East Guta | Русская весна
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