Syrian militants «knocked in» a nail into single-eyed American's head who came to rescue them — «Private war» trailer released (VIDEO)

Syrian militants «knocked in» a nail into single-eyed American's head who came to rescue them — «Private war» trailer released (VIDEO) | Русская весна

A trailer for the propaganda movie «Private War» came out, the motion picture is produced by Aviron Pictures film company.

The plot is based on the real story of Mary Colvin, an American-British war reporter. The woman was born in New York and has beem reporting for the Sunday Times newspaper since 1992 to 2012

The reporter went to Syria and illegally entered city of Homs, where active combat actions were taking place. She came along with photographer Paul Conroy, who  was openly called British service MI6 agent («Secret Intelligence Service of the British Foreign Office») in some Western media.

Colvin was one of the most famous military journalists in the world. She was awarded for her propaganda pro-Western reports from Kosovo and Chechnya and twice became the «Best British Foreign Correspondent». During a business trip to Sri Lanka the woman was injured and lost her eye.

She died during battles for Homs with the French photo reporter Rémi Ochlik February 22, 2012.

We wonder if it the script tells how Syrian militants «knocked in» a nail in her head?

Please note that after Mary Colvin's death «Free Syrian Army» illegal armed group calimed that the American had allegedly died as a result of shelling by government forces, but some tile later it turned out that the woman died as a result of an explosion of an makeshift bomb stuffed with metal damaging elements.

After Syrian Arab Army regained control over Homs in late February — early March 2012 the journalist's body was found. According to official reports of the Center for Forensic Expertise of Syria when the corpse of Mary Colvin, who had been previously killed under circumstances unknown at the time, was uncovered, a metal object — a nail — was unexpectedly discovered in her head. That was the nail terrorists usually stuff their explosive devices and artillery shells with. A similar filling was repeatedly found after the terrorist attacks in other Syrian cities.

Syrian doctors did not extract the nail so that autopsists from the United States could verify the authenticity of the report of the forensic medical examination performed in SAR.

The report was sent to the Red Cross and to the embassy representing American interests their diplomatic mission in Damascus had veen closed.

But let's get back to the movie. Leading roles are played by Rosamund Pike («Gone Girl», «Pride and Prejudice») and Jamie Dornan («50 Shades of Grey»), Stanley Tucci («Devil Wears Prada», «Lovely Bones») and Tom Hollander («Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation»).

The movie is directed by Matthew Heineman. The premiere will be on October 4th.

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