Final battle for Syria and the most powerful US strike

Final battle for Syria and the most powerful US strike | Русская весна

It would seem that a chemical attack on the territory of Syria is a decided matter and is not subject to revision, and the whole world seems to be frozen in anticipation of the blood-chilling story about Syrians dying in agonizing agony.

The recent successes of the Syrian government army have led to the fact that there are practically no areas under the control of terrorist organizations in the country. The only exception is Idlib Province, where at one time militants were taken out, who wished to leave their positions without resistance and hand them over to official Damascus. Now, when the Syrian authorities negotiated with the radicals in the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone failed due to the fault of the latter, who refused to constructive dialogue, the troops of the Arab Republic, wanting to finally liberate the country from terrorist contagion, are concentrated before the decisive offensive, representing the most powerful concentration in all the war years forces and means.

Separately, we should add that Western countries, which traditionally supported the radicals in their “hard” work, tried to make the best of the latest events, as far as possible, taking into account past strong ties, to abstract from their own proteges, preferring to focus on deepening contacts with other players, first of all with the Kurds.

«White helmets» and chlorine

And in such an ambiguous situation, the media space was literally pierced by the news that the militants were preparing a provocation to save themselves with the use of chemical weapons, hoping to attract aces in this field from the White Helmets. Actually, already now it can be argued that this statement is planned much better than, for example, a similar event, say, in Eastern Ghouta or Khan-Sheikhoun a year earlier. Suffice it to say that the containers with chlorine were delivered in advance to the settlement of Kafer-Zayta, which, apparently, was prepared for the role of the martyr city of the “bloody regime”.

At the same time, it is not a difficult task to answer the question why the militants set out to commit a shocking crime of their cruelty. Obviously, the extremists, remembering their previous ties with foreign and primarily American curators, expect that the provocation will return them the trust of foreign patrons, and hence the former size of sponsorship, and also force the White House to fulfill the previously voiced ultimatum to strike retaliation against government forces if they use weapons of mass destruction.

Aim is to press on Rusia

At the same time, arguing about the motives that are being moved by the same Washington, with whose tacit consent, in essence, the himataks are being prepared, we can assume that this is an attempt to wrest from Russia more or less significant concessions on a post-conflict settlement, for which I do not intend to go because of the extremely weak current position of the United States in Syria, as well as the desire to negotiate with those who represent the real strength in the region: Turkey and Iran.

At the same time, having organized a chemical provocation, the States can get a weighty reason to at least maintain, and increase their own contingent in the territory of the Arab Republic as much as possible, which will certainly be enthusiastically received by the American allies, especially Britain and Israel, who expects to continue the war with the Iranian presence other people's hands.

Yet, despite the initial smoothness of the above plan, its implementation carries significant risks for Washington, not only reputational, but also security-related. The fact is that Donald Trump, like his predecessor Barack Obama at the time, was also keen on drawing the “red lines”, announcing that the himataka performed by official Damascus would cause an unprecedented power strike, not excluding the possibility of suffering can even Russian and Iranian military facilities in Syria.

So now Trump's retreat,or even his consent to a “retaliation strike,” at the risk of turning into another militarized show performed by the United States, will repel the last allies who still believe in their power from the Americans, which in turn will deprive the Americans of the last trump card hidden in the sleeve. 

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