US invented how to justify attack on Syria (PHOTO)

US invented how to justify attack on Syria (PHOTO) | Русская весна

In December 2016, after a series of unsuccessful attempts to accuse the Syrian government of crimes against the civilian population, a number of Western countries, led by the United States, "pushed" the UN initiative to create an "International impartial mechanism" to investigate crimes in Syria.

It seems to be the right and necessary undertaking. It is no secret to anyone that in Syria by US-controlled gangs and Coalition forces with respect to the civilian population, real lawlessness and lawlessness are created.

Militants are stealing people into slavery, poisoning civilians with poisonous substances to create propaganda clips, and the US Air Force has wiped out entire cities, such as Raqqah, Hadjin, Es Sousse, burying the local population under their rubble.

In this case, the coalition military during the bombing of the Syrian cities do not stop using cluster munitions and bombs filled with "white phosphorus."

Airstrike of the US AF with phosphorus bombs Hadjin in Deir ez-Zor, autumn 2018

At the same time, as it was mentioned earlier, the “mechanism” was lobbied by the countries that support the Syrian opposition - the heavily armed militants who cut off the heads of teenagers and eat the hearts of their enemies on camera, as well as members of the Coalition, who, as indicated, are far from international law.

Therefore, one should not hope that the “International Impartial Mechanism” will objectively respond to the chaos created in Syria.

Of course, he will investigate crimes and press charges ... But to whom? With a high degree of probability, the crimes of the Coalition and those controlled by the United States and its militant allies will avoid the “mechanism”, but accusations will be made against the governments of Syria, Iran and Russia.

In confirmation of this, the fact that the officials will be appointed not by the general vote of the members of the organization, but by a certain circle of people, also speaks to the composition of this new UN instrument. Needless to say, this circle consists of people loyal to the United States and a number of European countries, opponents of the current government of Syria, as well as Russia in the international arena.

As already, probably, it is clear to all, about impartiality, which stands in the name of the new organization, is out of the question.

In addition, the peculiarities and system of work of this commission are of concern. On the one hand, it does not independently collect data and evidence about incidents.

Various commissions continue to deal with this. However, from now on their chairmen have no right to give opinions, but are only obliged to transfer information to the new UN mechanism.

And it is this organization that will decide what evidence and what crimes to consider, and make the appropriate decisions. Given the structure of the "International Impartial Mechanism" and the principle of its work, it is not difficult to guess who will be the object of its prosecution.

Today, it is of particular concern that among the organizations controlled by the mechanism there is an OPCW, which is designed to control the spread of chemical weapons, as well as to record the facts of their use.

Yes, the OPCW worked imperfectly, but at least tried to be objective, despite the tremendous pressure from the United States.

Now, the “International Impartial Mechanism”, when making its decisions, will decide for itself what is considered evidence of the use of chemical weapons.

It is possible that now at the international level, the White Helmets video will be enough officially to accuse Al-Assad of the use of toxic substances against the civilian population.

Now, for military aggression against Syria from the United States and several European countries - opponents of the current government of Syria - no solid evidence will be needed, such as interviewing local residents, collecting soil and air samples, and a message on the Internet and fake video is enough.

Despite the fact that the United States and their minions for strikes on Syria were not particularly worried about the evidence base of crimes from Assad against civilians, now military aggression against the Syrian people will be reinforced by the UN decision and will be completely legitimate in the eyes of the world community.

The fact that all the decisions of the new international instrument will be directed against the Syrian government and will not be objective can not be doubted, remembering by whom the new court of justice was created and what people will lead it.

Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas, for «Russian Spring»

In the photos below you may see airstrikes carried out by the US AF (including phosphorus bombs) to hit Hadjin settlement in Deir-az-Zor, autumn 2018

US invented how to justify attack on Syria (PHOTO) | Русская весна
US invented how to justify attack on Syria (PHOTO) | Русская весна
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