Forebodings in Syria

Forebodings in Syria | Русская весна

In early November 2018, news feeds of a number of media outlets and social networks spread news that the notorious “White Helmets” organization intensified their activities in the de-escalation zone in northwest Syria.

According to sources in the ranks of the militants, in late October-early November 2018, terrorist groups, together with the “White Helmets”, transported toxic substances from the city of Djerablus to a number of settlements in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, such as Marea, Maaret-en-Numan , Azaz and Chobanbey.

Also, several chemical containers were brought to the line of contact with government forces. As you might guess, the “White Helmets”, with the help of their toxic substances, plan to launch a series of chemical attacks against civilians in order to blame the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Further developments after the accusation of the government of Syria in the use of toxic substances against civilians is easy to guess.

In the past, on the basis of unproved allegations, the United States and its allies repeatedly launched missile attacks on Syrian territory. Now "White Helmets" want to organize a new series of staged chemical attacks in order to initiate a NATO military invasion of Syria with the subsequent overthrow of the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Due to the actions of the diplomatic and military departments of Russia, Syria, Iran and several other countries, as well as the active work of users of social networks, the White Helmets' plans were brought to the world community and thus thwarted their plans to carry out provocations scheduled for early November.

However, this does not mean that the terrorists, together with the "White Helmets", abandoned their plans. Since the money spent on the preparation of provocations, it is necessary to work out.

According to information coming from the province of Aleppo, the members of the White Helmets organization opened their representative office in the city of Zerba of the province of Aleppo. The official justification is the coordination of the White Helmets offices in the north-western regions of Syria. However, as practice shows, wherever there are activists of the organization, all sorts of incidents begin.

So, for example, at the end of October, "White Helmets" released several videos on their Internet resources, where they retrieve the wounded from under the rubble of houses in the Kafr Hamra area and bravely fight the fires caused by artillery shelling by the government troops.

By the way, Internet users noticed an interesting feature - all the "crimes" of government troops occur exactly where the members of the organization "White Helmets".

Otherwise, how to explain the fact that, despite the fact that many residents of the northwestern regions of Syria have modern mobile phones and the ability to use social networks, messages about the "crimes" of government forces are received only from "White Helmets". This applies to both artillery shelling and the use of chemical weapons.

Each time it is harder and harder to believe that the “White Helmets” are so well placed exactly in those settlements in which the Syrian army must do something terrible. In turn, users of social networks living in the province of Idlib and the western regions of the province of Aleppo openly say that where there are “White Helmets”, it’s worth waiting for trouble.

Now this trouble has come to the Syrian city of Zerba. It is possible that in the area of ​​this city in the near future we can expect new provocations from the members of the “White Helmets” organization.

Of particular concern is another fact. According to Syrian intelligence and informants among terrorists, a few days ago, members of the “White Helmets” organization removed al-Numan from Maaret about ten tanks with toxic substances and delivered them to the suburb of Zerba.

With a high degree of probability we can assume that the White Helmets will try to implement their plans to stage a chemical attack in a village near Zerba. The goals they pursue are clear - to accuse the current government of the genocide of their own people and the physical destruction of the opposition using weapons of mass destruction.

Given the fact that the US and the EU have done so that the OPCW is now working in their interests, there is no doubt that the world will soon see another false video about how “White Helmets” are saving civilians from Syria from Assad's chemical attacks.

Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas, for «Russian Spring»

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