Black death under «White Helmets» (PHOTO)

Black death under «White Helmets» (PHOTO) | Русская весна

November 1, 2018, the international community spread the news that British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt received the head of “White Helmets” organization Raed al-Saleh in London.

This information caused a very controversial reaction around the world. The fact is that the organization itself has a rather dubious reputation. “White helmets”, although positioning themselves in the eyes of the world community as altruistic rescuers of the Syrian people from the “bloody regime of Assad,” are in fact ordinary liars, provocateurs on wages from Western sponsors.

So, for more than a year, along with high-budget videos and even one film about the supposedly heroic work of “White Helmets” in Syria, the Internet is filled with hundreds of photos and videos that reveal the true nature of the organization. Thus, from these photographs and videos it can be seen that many members of the organization are militants of radical groups such as “Jabhat an-Nusra” * (Syrian “Al Qaeda” *).

In addition, the web contains a large amount of materials exposing the falsity of their rescue work. Then they save the same girl or grandmother several times, who are so unlucky that they fall under the “as if” bombardment of the SAR Air Force or the Russian Aerospace Forces with unenviable periodicity for several days in a row, in various cities of Syria. Well, just a miracle of bad luck.

That video will flow into the network about how the "White Helmets" from under the ruins are pulled out by them and the actor placed under them. Oddly enough, they are a member of the organization, and then they happily pose and smile at the camera, as if there was no shelling.

But all this stuff and a reason for many jokes on the Internet. In fact, what the members of the “White Helmets” organization are doing to achieve the interests of Western sponsors is truly horrifying. The most famous white-blooded activists received thanks to their numerous videos about how they save the victims of chemical attacks of the government ATS forces. It is worth noting that members of the organization tried to make them as plausible as possible, and a person who does not understand the characteristics of using this type of weapon, its effects on people, is unlikely to understand the staging nature of these surveys from the first time.

But it’s one thing when the “White Helmets” staged a show with sad consequences for the Syrian government, but still a show. Another thing is when members of the organization realized that the staging nature of their clips revealed that in fact no Syrian really was poisoned by any gas. In this regard, for greater realism, the whites began to commit real crimes.

So, for the sake of the persuasiveness of one of their plots, the accomplices of the militants murdered a nursing infant on the camera, piercing his small breast with a huge medical needle, gutting to him the insides.

In the comments to these frames, members of the organization indicated that they were trying to save a baby who received a dose of a toxic substance.

However, the large medical community, having seen this video, unanimously declared that this is no salvation, but a banal murder.

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Which is even more terrible that these shots become after it became known that there was no chemical attack on the day to which the specified video was timed.

By the way, about the fact that no chemical poisoning of chemical weapons of ordinary Syrians, especially from the government troops, was carried out. “White Helmets” understood that for quality and credibility, the video should have real poisonings, real victims.

In order to realize these goals, the members of the organization decided to subject a real chemical attack to residents of a number of cities in the Syrian province of Idlib. The first such incident was an attempt to poison the residents of the Serakab settlement in May 2017 with chlorine. For a better picture, the white squad was even invited to cover the provocation of journalists of the Al-Jazeera channel. Only by joint efforts of the special services, the military, the diplomatic corps and the journalistic corps of several states, was it possible to uncover and inform the world community about the crime being prepared, thereby preventing it.

However, this does not stop the members of the organization. Almost every month there are reports of upcoming provocations from the “White Helmets” with the use of toxic substances. The last is that since the end of October 2018 to the present day the members of the organization transport and unload in the settlements of Jisr al-Shugur, Mareaa, Chobanbey, Azaz, Murek containers filled with a poisonous substance, presumably chlorine.

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The fact that the movements and plans of the organization are revealed in time and covered in the media, interferes with the implementation of their plans, depriving them of the effect of surprise and bezulikovost.

But despite this, members of the organization, together with militants of terrorist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic Party of Turkestan, continue to pump Idlib province with poisonous substances. Sooner or later, if they are not stopped, they will accomplish their plans, as a result of which innocent Syrians, women, old people and children will die.

But who will stop them? The question is extremely difficult, especially for those who really want peace and order in Syria, the safety of its citizens. After all, in order to stop the whites, one of the options is to recognize them as a terrorist or terrorist organization or cooperating with terrorists.

But only key players in the international arena can do this. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is precisely the powerful of this world that are the main sponsors of the “White Helmets”. Repeatedly the media covered the sponsorship of European countries and the United States of this organization.

And on November 1, 2018, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, after praises to the White Helmets, promised to contribute to this organization in the future. Given the attitude of the official London to Assad, the views and dreams of Britain and its allies on the device of Syria, it is easy to guess what support and for what purposes the government of Foggy Albion will be provided by the “White Helmets” pseudo-rescue organization.


* terror organizatio banned in Russian Federation.

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