Dramatic change in Syria: only miracle can save US coalition's infantry of the coalition

Dramatic change in Syria: only miracle can save US coalition's infantry of the coalition  | Русская весна

The American "dagger in the back" to Kurdish "Syrian Democratic Forces", as the leaders of the Syrian Kurds have already called, D. Trump's statement about the withdrawal of the United States military from Syria, became a strong, if not fatal, blow to the people of Rogava, who became infantry and the main ground attack force for the American coalition in the SAR.

The Kurds and their armed forces pinned great hopes on the US military, primarily on the issue of protection from the forthcoming military aggression from Turkey, the fight against ISIL * and the creation of their own state - Kurdistan.

However, the agreements reached between Ankara and Washington, the statement of the American leader on the withdrawal of their troops destroyed these hopes. Now the Kurds are left alone against the Turkish military machine. In addition, despite the statement by the US President on the victory over ISIS, there are still many "sleeping" cells of this organization in the eastern provinces of Syria, which at any time can turn into a large group of terrorists, numbering from a few hundred to several thousand Islamists.

"People’s resistance of the eastern regions"

However, this is not all the evils and threats facing the Kurdish people. During their activities under the auspices of the United States, the Kurds in the east of Syria felt they were the masters of these lands, which caused extremely strong discontent on the part of the indigenous Arab population. Often it grew into open insurrections, which the Kurds, on the orders of their overseas patrons, brutally suppressed. Of course, this only increased the Arabs' hatred for the Kurds, who were already openly called the occupiers of Arab lands.

However, the Arabs in the Kurdish territory had neither the ability nor the means to organize a large-scale uprising. And about the beginning of the war of liberation against the Kurds, supported by weapons, military equipment and American aircraft, there could be no talk of that.

The forces are too unequal. For this reason, the Arab tribes in the east of the Euphrates River, in the provinces of Hasek and Rakka, turned to guerrilla war tactics. For these purposes, in December 2017, the Arab “People’s Resistance of the Eastern Regions” was formed in the territories controlled by the Kurds, consisting of radical Arabs who are dissatisfied with the fact that the power in the provinces of Rakka and Haseke is fully vested in the US-controlled Kurdish armed forces. At the same time, the rights and freedoms of the indigenous Arab population in this region, again with the goodwill of the American side, are strongly oppressed by the Kurds.

However, as has been said, the Arabs have too little strength for an open clash. The strength of the People’s Resistance of the Eastern Areas is barely 100 people, while the Asaish Kurdish security service has at least 1,200 people.

Due to the inequality of power, the Arab radicals decided to fight the Kurdish occupation by sabotage, sabotage and terrorist attacks. It is worth noting - quite successfully. So, in October 2018 there were at least 50 terrorist acts against the military personnel of the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, and in November there were 73, that is, one and a half times more.

As a result of the subversive activities of the People’s Resistance of the Eastern Areas in the provinces of Rakka and Haseke, 96 were killed and 134 representatives of Kurdish armed groups were injured. December was no less productive for the Arab radicals. Almost every day they commit attacks and attacks against the fighters of Kurdish VTS in various locations in the eastern provinces of Syria. In December 2018, more than 40 attacks by the People’s Resistance of the Eastern Areas were already committed against the Syrian Democratic Forces, as a result of which 88 fighters of Kurdish armed groups were killed and 84 were injured of varying degrees of severity. It is highly likely that by the end of the month the number of attacks on VTS fighters, and accordingly the number of dead and wounded, will increase.

The situation is logical for any war. The Kurds, believing the promises of Americans to help establishing Kurdistan, feeling the support of the United States, began to behave like masters of lands that in fact never belonged to them. At the same time, the opinion, rights and freedoms of the indigenous Arab population were largely ignored.

In many ways, the Kurds’ behavior was imposed on the United States, which convinced them that they were the masters of the east of Syria, and the Arabs, the population originally inhabiting it, is a misunderstanding that has no place in the future Kurdistan. As a result, the gullibility of the Kurds cost them too much.

Now the Turks, remaining militants of ISIS*, as well as representatives of numerous Arab tribes, whom the Kurds themselves have turned against themselves, are preparing a military operation against them. In this situation, the Kurds can be saved only by the miracle or the will of the large geopolitical players in the region who do not want thousands of victims among the Kurdish population of Syria. If this does not happen, then the tragedy, or rather the disaster, the Kurdish people can not be avoided. Too expensive for him turned faith in the United States.

Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas, for «Russian Spring»

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

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