Syria: US occupation zone falling apart — people revolt, militants flee (VIDEO)

Syria: US occupation zone falling apart — people revolt, militants flee (VIDEO) | Русская весна

«Russian Spring» war reporter Oleg Blokhin visited border of US occupation zone in Syria — on Euphrates river.

This video concerns humanitarian situation of Deir ez-Zor. In this case, it concerns the movement of the local population from the zone controlled by the VTS and the coalition to the zone under the control of the government of the SAR.

With the liberation of settlements on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, more and more often there is a question of moving local people in both directions.

Today, residents of areas located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, there is a great need from traveling to relatives to travel to medical facilities and groceries.

On the territory controlled by the government, with the last two points things are much better. At the end of the summer of last year, a large transition between Salhiyak Deir and Jazeera.

It was the largest in terms of the number of people, cars, and cargo moving from one side to the other. With the liberation of settlements on the left bank of the Euphrates from ISIS, it was planned to open several more crossing points, build new ferries and bridges across the Euphrates.

But in early February 2019, unilaterally, without clear explanations, the leadership of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (Arab-Kurdish coalition - edit. Russian Spring) closed the transition to Salkhiyak Deir and banned the construction of a temporary crossing over the Euphrates, which had previously been coordinated with the Syrian side in the area of Salihia

Militants flee, people are rising against pro-American power

   One of the reasons for this was the discontent of the local presence and control of the SDF and the coalition, as well as the incipient desertion of Arab militants from the SDF, who began to cross over to the side controlled by the government.

There is one more explanation to such actions of the SDF and coalition. About a week ago when residents of Tayana categorically refused to recognize the presence and control of the SDF. Attempt to pressure from the Kurds and the coalition did not work. Today, the residents of this town independently organized and lead the management.

A little later, similar sentiments of local residents arose in Dibah and Khavaezh. In these populations, clashes between SDF fighters and local residents occurred. In general, dissatisfaction with their presence and how they manage is growing throughout Deir Ezor, under the control of the Kurds and the coalition.

The SDF leadership for the third week only promises to do this, but when this happens in fact, it is not yet clear.

*terror organizaton banned in Russian Federation.

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